Salted Margarine Coffee?

Salted Margarine Coffee?

So guys we got up early today we and started working here at the dining room table area. Working on a new email system through Mail Chimp. And if you don’t know what Mail Chimp is, it is like a mail list management system. and it allows you to have people sign up for your email list and they go into certain lists and then you can send mass emails to those people. And its really powerful because you can see who opens your email. You can see how many times they opened it. You can see what links they clicked within the email. And theres just a lot of data that helps you know whether or not your email marketing or your email newsletter is being effective of not. Right and so, if people are bored with it and their not reading it and their not clicking the links then there may be something in there that you need to change to help people so that they are more interested in reading what you write. So anyway, we have been working on that. Jules is going to be in charge of the Mail Chimp email newsletter now. And so we are excited about that. That is really cool! But right now, we’re feeling hungry! We’re on the 19th floor. Breakfast is on the 1st floor. Alright, floor 1 let’s find breakfast. Oh, nice! Let’s see what they’ve got here. Little tiny muffins and cake. Oh and little tiny danish pastries. We’ve got croissants and then we’ve got fruit. And salad and yogurt. This is probably, yep, this is rice porridge. And this is all the stuff you can put on the rice porridge. Oh, yellow rice. Oh, roti canai. Oh, curry. Chicken hot dogs. Meatballs. Potatoes. Corn. Fat rice, nasi lemak. Little fish, eggs and stuff to go on it. This is chicken. And something else, I don’t know what this is. Oh, sambal. This is hot sauce. And then we’ve got the omelette section. You can get an omelette made to order. And the soup right here, noodle soup. And then of course we’ve got the coffee, and what else do we have right here, drinks. Orange juice, water and guava juice. What did you get to eat Sarah? I got, well this is just for starters. I got this meatball thing, and potatoes, nasi lemak. The rice without the peanuts and fish because if the peanuts are mixed in with it I can’t eat it. And then I got corn. Hey Seth what did you get to eat? We’ll for starters I got cereal. And, what’s this called? Roti canai and the sauce. Jules what did you get to eat? I, for this morning I am trying this strawberry yogurt, watermelon slices. and a roll with butter. I got roti canai and also the curry sauce to go with it just like Seth. Breakfast was good! All the food was tasty and filling. The problem with buffets is I often eat too much. Yes, Sether, did you eat too much food Seth? Maybe a little bit. Sarah? I’m full. You’re full. I did not eat too much. I ate just right. I think I ate too much. But, it was really good. No regular American breakfast foods except for cereal and omelettes. Alright guys, we pretty much got the Mail Chimp thing figured out. And we need to write up some emails and do some practice. And do some practicing with it first before we know we’ve got it down for sure. But we know we’ve got that pretty much squared away. We’ve been working on text, you know like closed captioning for our YouTube videos for you guys. And that’s really what we have been working on this morning. Again, we’re feeling kinda hungry. Well guys first we went into this really nice building and all of the restaurants were really nice and expensive. And we felt kinda out of place. Huh Jules? Ya, very. Everybody was wearing business attire and everybody was dressed really fancy. And so we ended up coming across the street and found a KFC. So, we will eat here with KFC type of people. Jules got a rice bowl, no a potato bowl. With cheese, chicken and corn and stuff in it. Sarah got chicken and mashed potatoes. Sarah can you open up those mashed potatoes? Yep! Because in Indonesia they don’t have mashed potatoes, right? So, you guys in Indonesia are missing out on mashed potatoes. Seth got the wasabi wrap. Its got rice, and chicken and wasabi sauce and maybe some kind of vegetables. For those who are curious, this is the mens bathroom at KFC. Yeah, so that was the whole bathroom there. They have a public hand washing area but the whole bathroom was just one little stall. Now, lunch was good. It wasn’t anything great or special but it was good. And, uh…What’s it for? This is for wheelchair access but motorcycles can’t come up here. Or a small car. Oh yeah! But wheelchairs and pedestrians can. So, like the wheelchair and the wheelchair pusher can get through there. But motorcycle handlebars won’t fit. Good! That’s awesome! And kids can play on it too! Use it for a jungle gym. Yeah, so now we are going to try to find a grocery store on the way back to the hotel. Pick up some things, some soap and stuff like that. Shampoo. I guess they should provide that in the hotel. But maybe Jules wants special soap, I don’t know. Jules, we’re gonna go look for shampoo? Because, does the room not provide it? It has a small bottle, but there are four of us. Oh, ya! Gottcha. That’s the reason we are gonna go look for soap. Alright we found it. Let’s cruise on in and see what they got. Dad? Yeah bud? Huh? No food. No Sether. Seth can’t come in. So pretty much a regular grocery store. If I find anything unique that I think you might find interesting here then I will show you. Otherwise it is like any other grocery store. So just in case you are traveling to Malaysia some time, this is the type of plug they use. And it looks like that. Yeah it’s 220 to 240 volts also. Just so you know. Alright here is something I have never seen before, Kickapoo. Kickapoo original Kickapoo Joy Juice Recipe. Citrus flavored soda, Seth. Sounds like a Native American name, Kickapoo. F&N Orange is really good. Alright so here is something a little interesting. These are quail eggs. Little tiny eggs. And you’ve got this, Salted Eggs. It’s like in a black, it’s coated in a black I don’t know what that is. Coated in something black. And then you have these eggs up here. These are Century Duck Eggs. And they are covered in wood chips or rice hulls or something. Bunches of different types of dried fish. Salted dried fish like that. And little tiny shrimp. The other important thing that we needed to get in here, which I forgot about was coffee. Jules what kind of coffee did you get? I found Kapal Api coffee. Oh yeah! This is the same coffee that we have in Indonesia. Yep! Cheap. Alright guys. We brought that coffee back that I said was the same kind that we have in Indonesia. It is the same brand. But when I opened it up it looked a little different than what we get. And it’s a lot coarser ground than what we normally have. The coffee in Indonesia is what is called Turkish style. It is ground super fine, finer than espresso ground. And you just put it in your coffee like you would instant coffee. And it just settles to the bottom and makes like this fine mud at the bottom of your cup. You don’t need a filter. You don’t need anything. You just put it in your cup with hot water. This is a little different. It actually says on the front right here that it is a coffee mixture. It has coffee beans, cereal, sugar and salted margarine. Salted margarine in your coffee? Doesn’t taste bad. So the train station kicked us out into this major mall. I think its the KL City Central Mall with the Petronas Towers maybe. No, it’s a different mall? Well the sign for the big mall pointed the other direction and we went the opposite direction. Alright, well we are in some kind of mall.

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  6. I enjoyed your video sir! it's better than Indonesian version so i can learn more english language from the video. keep vloging sir! salam from Jayapura. GBU.

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  31. Even though Kopi Kapalapi is Indonesian brand, the coarser granule are for Malaysian preference. Before the coffee bean is ground, it's roasted/cooked with salted margarine hence the labelling and those are of minimum grade stuff.

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