Should You Mix Creatine With Warm Water Or Cold Water?

Should You Mix Creatine With Warm Water Or Cold Water?

Hey guys, Sean Nalewanyj here of,
and in this video I want to quickly answer a question that I’m actually surprised at
how often I receive. Now, I’ve covered a lot of information on creatine up to this
point, but I get this question so often that I decided that addressing it in a video was
appropriate, and that question is, should you mix your creatine in warm or cold water.
Now most of the questions are likely the result of a popular YouTube video that was posted
several years ago in which it was shown that creatine powder does break down and dissolve
more effectively when you mix in warm water as opposed to cold water, and it was then
claimed that this would maximize the absorption of the creatine after consumption since it
will be better dissolved once it enters your system. But will this really make any measurable
difference overall, is it something that you should worry about, and should you bother
mixing your creatine in warm water as opposed to cold water. Well, although there are no
concrete studies available that directly compare this, and of course I can’t say with 100%
certainty, in my view it’s highly unlikely that mixing your creatine in warm water is
going to enhance its bottom line effects on muscle growth and performance in any noticeable
way, and there are two main reasons for this. First of all, as long as you’re using a
high quality creatine product, and I recommend a pure monohydrate powder sourced from Creapure,
and I will link a product in the description box that meets this criteria, the powder is
still going to be dissolved very effectively regardless of the temperature of the water.
If your creatine significantly clumps up or if it won’t break down when you try to mix
it, it’s likely not due to the temperature of the water but is simply a result of using
a low-grade product. And secondly, the temperature of your stomach is around 98 degrees Fahrenheit,
which is about 38 degrees celcius, and it has a pH level of around 2. So once the creatine
reaches your stomach, whatever small amount of the powder that wasn’t already dissolved
in the water is then going to be broken down further through the natural digestive processes
of your body in an environment that is already very hot and extremely acidic. It’s possible
that mixing your creatine in warm water might cause a very slight improvement in its overall
solubility, which may then translate to a very slightly higher percentage being absorbed,
but the amount would likely be so miniscule that it probably isn’t going to make any difference
whatsoever in the overall picture. The only goal when it comes to creatine supplementation
is to maintain full creatine saturation of the muscles through a 3-5 gram daily dose,
and having a couple percent more absorbed by your body is almost certainly not going
to be a limiting factor in achieving this. And again, this all assumes that mixing creatine
with warm water does in fact enhance its absorption in ANY way, which we really don’t even know
in the first place. The only situation where this approach may be useful for you is if
you tend to experience stomach discomfort or bloating after consuming creatine. In that
case, pre-dissolving it in a warm water solution might help out. However, stomach discomfort
from creatine use is also often primarily an issue of simply using a low grade product,
and so that’s the first thing you’ll want to examine before experimenting with the warm
water approach. So, what’s the bottom line here? Make sure that you’re using a high
quality creatine product and then go ahead and simply mix it with whatever liquid you
would prefer in terms of taste at whatever temperature you would prefer. However, if
you are someone who does experience stomach discomfort or bloating as a result of creatine
use, then you can try mixing it with warm water to see if that helps. So thanks for
watching this video lesson. I hope you found the information useful here today. If you
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55 thoughts on “Should You Mix Creatine With Warm Water Or Cold Water?

  1. Low grade product? I've used Creatine from some of the biggest companies labeled micronized as well as Creapure and it still takes long to dissolve in cold water.

  2. hey guys, while looking at these videos i thought of turning my creatine mono into finer powder, by just putting it in a blender, seriously give it a try, it dissolves at least 10x faster ! 😀

  3. Can I just put the powder directly into my mouth and put water afterwards, so that there will be no wasted creatine on the glass. Will there be any significant effects on it being absorbed by my muscles?

    Keep up the good work man! I love your videos, they are really helpful for me. 🙂

  4. Who the fuck are these fuck heads who say this BS cause when I was reserching creatin I remeeber hearing this shit from ass fucks "make sure you fully dissolve creatine" I'm going to find them and fuck them

  5. what do you have to say about frequent urination when supplementing with creatine. I have heard different reasons like too much intake, too little intake,drinking more or less water and your body not being able to absorb any making your system flush it out through urine.

  6. Will the warm water break the creatine ? And why does creatine become hardened if you dont use it for a long time ?

  7. I mix mine with hot great tea and it completely dissolves all the way. I drink it every morning first thing

  8. There is no low quality creatine. There's just creatine that's not ground down to a small size. Hot water will dissolve cheap creatine. Use cheap creatine and hot water save some money on the gimmick shit

  9. Hi Sean , nice informative video , i would love to get an answer from you about creatine usage.
    Sometimes i mix creatine with hot drinks and bring it with me to work so i can drink it later, does it affect the results of my drink or not ? thanks

  10. what happens if you don't mix creatine? I found it easier to just immediately down a spoon of creatine with water

  11. That's a whole lotta "probably".
    I have used plain old Creatine monohydrate. Creapure. As well as the Creatine liquid.
    They all work. Did not notice a big differance between the two powders. Although, the micro mixes better. Who want gritty drinks?
    However, while it is more expensive. The liquid creatine is the best. No loading phase. I feel the differance. With liquid, i feel the ATP effect, unlike powder.
    I have wondered if I could save some money making my own liquid……:/

  12. quick question! after every workout I drink whey protein and creatine mixed together in a bottle with water. but after I drink this I usually pee about 15 minutes after? do you think I should mix my creatine with something else?like milk or a sugary drink for insulin spike?

  13. okay very important question. will creatine loose its potency if left in the sun? in the tub i mean please reply

  14. My creatine doesn't dissolve in room temperature water even if i stir it for 5-10 minutes.. is it a bad quality product??

  15. hello. I started using creatine 10gr per day with multivitamine juice and sometimes with water,and after that throug all day i drink 2-3L of water and after that i pee maybe 7 times per day is that from the way i drink to much water or my creatine isn't good i use platinum creatine muscletech

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