simple daily life in winter morning! 冬天早上的簡單日常 Vlog

This week, want to share my normal life in morning! a simple, cozy time to take rest.. roast a ham toast for breakfast brew your fresh coffee… simple daily life, ham toast,
hot coffee latte in winter morning Normally I don’t use cooktop in the early morning As I hope not to bother neighbors.. its a nostalgic brand of condense milk when I travel, I ate a delicious bacon french toast that drizzled with condense milk! it was tasted so good and impressive! so I try to use it in my recipes just use a small knife is fine ASMR, don’t you feel so healing to hear the stir sounds.. a miss dropped outside of toast, but that’s fine.. just roast it until golden brown color! when the toast in oven, let’s brew a cup of coffee latte!! the name of coffee blend is BACKPACKER its so suitable for my life style I like to travel and rent a hostel in somewhere.. the coffee bean quantity is just for reference the quantity depends on the brewing way and
coffee heaviness you preferred pick up the defective beans the not good bean would effect the flavor of coffee grind coffee bean into coffee powder personally I prefer to grind fresh coffee powder
and brew coffee immediately I used fine grind(4-4.5) for moka pot you can ask the bean shop for suggested grind size fill the coffee powder in filter funnel of moka pot make it even gently fill water into lower parts to reach the valve combined moka pot it’s iconic brand “bialetti” from Italy used ceramic gas stove could heat up the fire more gently it takes around 3-4 mins to brew a moka pot coffee done, the thickness of moka pot coffee is between espresso and black coffee(Americano) pour the black coffee into hot milk clean the table.. toast and coffee are ready let’s start to enjoy my breakfast hear the sound…so crunchy!! don’t forget the hot coffee latte! thanks for accompanying with me in the winter morning hope to see you next week let me finish my breakfast.. please like and subscribe, thanks!

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