Sip ’em Cats Coffee Shop Promotes Life Skills

Sip ’em Cats Coffee Shop Promotes Life Skills

♪ “Kaden” “Thank you.” “Thank you. Have a great day.” We’re here at Sip ’em Cats Coffee Shop on
Central campus. It is a coffee shop solely run by our students
with special needs. They’re assisted by teachers, but they’re
the ones who run it and take orders. They make the coffee. They prepare it, clean up afterwards. And they do all the different jobs that are
contained within running a coffee shop. We have three different drinks. We have The Banneker, which is black coffee;
The Cat which is black coffee with two creams; and then The Great Day, which is iced coffee
with creamer and Sweet’N Low. We decided to do a concession trailer for
a lot of reasons. For one reason,
it’s culturally relevant right now. And for a lot of the students here are Central,
it’s kind of an important deal. I mean it’s – we want to be culturally relevant
to what’s happening for them. And that’s a part of our students and what
they’re doing. And our ultimate goal here is so we can really
meet them where they are. These are high school students and we’re just
trying to be a relevant piece of their world here at Central High School
and make our students a part of that. The whole purpose of Sip ’em was to get our
students out into the community of Central as well as educational,
which obviously, they’re learning money. They’re learning measuring. They’re following visual directions. And they’re communicating. For our students,
those are all functional goals. And they’re all huge steps for them. It’s been fun to see some of them that don’t
talk hardly at all, even to us, the people they’re comfortable with,
out here handing out flyers and talking to everybody that walks by. And so it’s fun to have seen some of them
blossom. We’ve seen students come out and use communication
that we haven’t seen in other places. And so that’s one of our big goals – to see
communication generalized – from the classroom setting, and the home setting,
out into a business setting. And it’s a big deal for us. “Thank you” Our ultimate goal with Sip ’em Cats is to provide a transition to adulthood. And so, as 15, 16, 17 year olds – we want
to provide them an opportunity to really see what that looks like –
to really be a part of a business – to really be a part of making money – to really be a part of
having all those skill sets that are needed when they go out and
have a real job within the community. We have a wonderful community who’s willing
to hire our students. And so, we want to provide them with students
who have those skills. And this is just a piece of that puzzle.

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  1. This makes my heart so happy!!! As a Speech Language Pathology Assistant working with many of these kids on communication skills, this just can't get any better. We strive to make real world connections when we teach; well I have to say, this is as real as it gets. I want to congratulate the Central SPED Dept for the work they are doing. They are an amazing group!! Go Sip Em Cats!!!!

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