Solo Overnight In The Thatched Reed Winter Survival Shelter During Snowstorm (87 Days episode 25)

Solo Overnight In The Thatched Reed Winter Survival Shelter During Snowstorm  (87 Days episode 25)

(fun bouncy music) – Hi, I am Zachary Fowler. And you’re watching 87 days. The complete reenactment of all I did out on History
Channel’s Alone show. but as if I did it here in Maine and tonight we’re going to
spend the night out here in the shelter in the
middle of a nor’easter. Or, kind of the tail
end of it unfortunately. It wasn’t kind of a big blow out as far as I’m concerned storm wise. We went from playing in the sun, shooting slingshot in the yard, to all of a sudden, about, I don’t know… Up here at the land 12
inches of snow in spots. But, so I’m out here it’s still snowin’. It’s going to be a great time
to play out in the woods. I love headin’ out to
play here in the snow. And we’re going to fire
up the fire in here. I got some interesting
stuff to cook for you’s. Let’s do it. Alright, shelter looks
like held up really well. The self cleaning roof. By using plastic, it’s allowed me some more light in there. Once I, especially once
I knock the snow off. But it also means that the snow out here just slid off and piled up around it. And, didn’t do too bad. My bed looks like it’s nice and dry. And, forgot to hang a coat
back up as the doorway. There’s a little bit snow
around, but nothin’ big. Looks good. Looks good. That’s kind of the whole
point is I wanted to be secure, so that if I’m not around, since I’m not gonna be a
living up here, or anything that whenever I come back up,
it’s ready to go, it’s secure. I think I nailed that part at least. (calm guitar music) (plastic thumping) Ah, isn’t that beautiful? Let’s all the light in. (plastic thumping) See how the cold steel
shovel does in the snow, huh? That’s the only thing I’ve
never really tested it on. Actually that’s not true. I lied I’ve dug a snow fort with this and it worked, awesome
for digging the snow fort. But that’s different than
trying to move a bunch of snow. (calm music) Not too shabby. Wouldn’t wanna shovel the
driveway with it or anything but does the job. (calm music) (grunting) Alright. Here we go. (calm music) Before I start the fire. There’s a little issue, see the snow, right there built up. there’s a little bit of snow
up there on all the sticks. So gonna go outside. Gonna go outside and fix that. By throwing snowballs at it, knock as much of it off as possible, because otherwise, when it warms up and the
heat’s going out through there it’s all going to try and
dribble down a little bit, couple drinks here and
there in different places. And I need to change them and fix that. There’s a way to fix
it, you can tie strings to that come from the polls, where it comes right through
the hole in the roof up here, you tie a string, and then
you drape the string down. And so, it drips down the string, and you can make it to the
kind of drip down the strings all to one place like
right on top of your fire, which is almost the best place because, as the heat comes up from the fire it dries the drips, and
there’s a minimal little drip that almost evaporates if
you got a good fire going before it ever even comes
into your shelter completely. That’s how you fix a drippy
TP type roof, right there. (calm music) Alright, well… My aim of the snowball
is not nearly as good as with a slingshot, maybe stick. (tapping) Toy from Survival Frog. They make this cool machete with the… It’s got a cool strap on it, too. So, you can sling it on you like this, with a machete, with a saw on the back. So, let’s cut a nice long stick and get the top of the roof cleaned off, so I can get the fire going. Make some dinner. (chopping) (calm music) (sawing) Sweet, that works good, thing’s slick, got a machete
and a saw all in one. And, I kind of like this
whole chest harness thing. Or, I could use it over
my back, slip it in there, snap it up, throw it around behind you. I feel like a Samaria. (calm music) (snapping) (calm music) (sawing) (calm music) Made a little bit of a mess in here. (scraping) Good enough. Got some new stuff to play with today, from 5Col. It’s They sent me this great
little gas masks bag. But the water bottle goes in it, and to get some inner pockets. Rugged little, just a
rugged little satchel bag. Nice little water bottle,
simple, flask type. And I think it’s actually insulated. What I was really excited about is out there in Patagonia
I had made a blower. And they had this little
like telescoping blower here that you could use for your fire. And, you blow into the big end, it compresses it and
have a little air jet. Great for firing up a dead fire. I like it. They sent me this. And this is a all you
need for fire starter. It’s got one of those same fire starters, that you can get, the one
hand and fire starters, that come with– that I use last week from go prepared survival
that come with a seared strips if you’re order them like
that for a couple extra bucks. But, these have… these little, zoom it in for ya, it comes to these little tenders inside. And they’re like, lashed up. And basically, we’re just going to take it and kind of pull on it a bit, and their little strings
that hold it all together kind of come apart. And you can fluff it up. And then you got yourself
something to spark up. And there. There’s something to
something to protect them. Make them a little more flammable than just a plain old cotton ball. Let’s go back. I’m gonna put this one away, and do the whole thing one handed as if I broke my hand out in the woods. And, see how well I can do it one handed. I can’t even put it back
together two handed. One hand behind my back. Open it up. Sparker comes out. Tinder, one of their little tinders. It’s hard to get that… There’s some little strings on it, it’s hard to get that first one. First little bit of it free. Coulda sliced down it
with my knife, I suppose. Well, it’s not a quick
process that’s for sure. There we go! Once you got the tender
bundle broken open. Alright, so I just realized something while I’m sitting here editing this. I think I got way too carried away. You only need to probably fluff the end up I got one right here. (lighter sparking) Oh, yeah, it… (blowing) There we go. It sparks right up if you the fluff just a teeniest bit of the end of it, you don’t have to unbundle it. Not easy to fluff up
one handed but I did it, in a minimal amount of time. Alright, I got my one hand sparker. And I got my little kindling
pile here already to go and my other sized sticks. See if I get the whole fire going up to acceptable warmth, one handed. (sparker sparking) Hey, look at that, that didn’t take much. That stuff burns great. (fire crackling) Some of this stuff is damp. I’ma get my little blower out. (blowing on flames) Alright, nailed it. Nailed it. One handed with the blower
and the spark wheel. Which is somethin’ I
think the military uses. (snapping) Alright, I gotta go it’s more firewood to replenish what I’ve already got. So I don’t have to get out
of bed in the morning go far. Got dark quick, got dark quick. Got dark like, an hour early, so I decided not to do tonight’s dinner. I’ll do that for breakfast ’cause I really want you
guys to be able to see it what it looks like finished. I’ve joined forces with Thrive Life. And these are some of the snacks. They’re a freeze dried
food, and awesome stuff. They’re meant to be just
your everyday meal at home. That you have the freeze dried food. Like, instead of going
to the grocery store, you have the stuff in your cupboards, boom, you bang out a meal. They come with a full meal kit. Awesome. They taste so good the kids… Parents tested kids approved loved it. They’re not a prepper thing,
and they’re not a camping food, but they work in all aspects of that, and they’re meant to be. You sign up for it. You start getting your meal plans, and you get your food. The link is below that you can go to and if you buy it through
the link in my channel it supports my channel and
you get a discount, so… they have nothing else in them, except what it says on it. This one’s grapes, freeze dried grapes. And that’s all that’s on the back for ingredients grapes, seedless grapes, boom, no GMOs, no nothing. They’re just straight
up exactly what it says on the front of the package is what’s on the ingredients
in the back of the package. Good stuff. I really like it. And the cool thing was, that kids eat it. So this one that I got is
of South Pacific Stir Fry. And, see that’s why I want
to wait till tomorrow. So I’m going to have this for breakfast. I got eggs, and sausage and an apple, to cook in the fire for dessert. So we’ll do those for dinner. And then for breakfast, I can do this. Somebody told me about this the other day. I said, “Now I gotta try that, an ashing.” Huh. Go ahead and get the shovel. So, what I’m gonna do is… Take some of this coals… Ohp. You take your egg, put a little hole right in the top. Otherwise, it’ll blow up. need somewhere to let the pressure out. So that it can blow off
some steam as it were. And we’re gonna cook it as
if we’re hard boiling it but in the ashes. So I’m gonna take and with my shovel… Move… Some of these ashes over to the
side or the coals and stuff. Heat up this little area over here. And then, see if I can get
some ashes to tuck it into. (soft guitar music) Egg is done, apple’s done,
coolin’ off by the fire. Crack her open. See what I got going on. I managed to more or less,
cook it in the coals. Anything else, didn’t have
enough ashes to quite do a ash cooking that I was hoping for. (calm guitar music) The little bits that bubbled out made it kind of funky shaped,
like a half chewed on apple. But it’s perfectly
cooked, perfectly cooked just like a hard boiled egg. Little bit of salt here. Have myself an egg. Mmm. Good stuff, egg over a fire. I’ll have to try it again when I’ve built up some more ashes. It took a while to come this way. If I had a bunch of hot ashes, and then you bury it over in hot ashes, and I actually think it
would have been done in like three minutes. And it would have been perfect. Very good anyway. Pretty good. I got my little plate. I have my apple. Roasted apple over the fire it’s like basically like apple sauce, peel the skin back in the ashes and all that stuff off. Here we go. Hot apple sauce. Mmm, That is good. Just playing apple roasted by the fire. It’s like having fresh, hot applesauce. I don’t do sugar. Even though I’m breaking
my kit, and I drank that, I’m not doing any white
sugars or maple syrups or anything like that. So… but I do… I used to with apples, they’re the best if you
take it and you core it, peel it roll it and cinnamon and sugar, and then put a bit of butter
and cinnamon sugar inside the middle of the apple and
rap it in foil like that. And, or and if you’re really
fancy you wrap it in pie dough as well so you got like
a little apple pie thing, put in foil. Bury that in the hot ashes
or coals of your fire when you’re out there doing
doing your thing in the wild. And man, it’s like, it’s good. Bushcraft apple pie. little spoon to add to my… my stuff here for being able
to eat out here and stuff. My utensils, my chopsticks. I usually bring my
chopsticks every three meals, the spoon… I kind of let sit around,
never had a problem. I just tuck them into the reed wall and leave them hanging up there. The only other utensil at
Patagonia was my chopsticks, and I made a little
like a rakish type thing that was like a stick with
a little zigzag on it. I called it fish rake. And I’d using chopsticks
to hold the fish down and fish rake to rake the
meat off of the bones. Made another slingshot. Out of those forks I cut the other day. And, I think it’s time for bed. I’m tired. (wood shuffling) So, I’ve got my fire all
stacked, and ready to be banked. I got the fresh one
that was already burning all stacked close together, tight. So, you can see that there’s
like, very little gaps for air. So the fires kind of roaring
nature has now milded out. And then, some fresh stuff on top of here. And I’m gonna bury it over and leave the end open here, and possibly, depending on how I feel I’ll
leave either both ends open, so it’ll burn in from both ends and kind of like smother as it burns in. (slow somber music) Alright, there we go. Dirt buried over what I
just showed you there. I left it a little open right in here, and open on this end with
the coals it’ll burn in. This dirt, which I just dug from here so I have better foot space in front of the fire. Is now burying the fire all
the way up and over the top. So, in the morning. I’ll be able to just take my shovel, which I’ll keep over here next to my bed. And I’ll just be able to reach
over and shuffle that away. Just reach over without
even getting out of bed and get the fire going. And get up when it’s all nice
and warm and comfy in here. Sleeping bag all set up on my reed mat. That is the… It’s about… I don’t know… About that thick. Insulates me from the frozen ground. The old Slumber Jack, the one
I had out there and Patagonia. So, it’s kind of a cheap sleeping bag but it’s really, really thick. Ah. Well the snow stopped outside. Unfortunately I was hoping to come out and be out here in the
middle of a snowstorm, but it wasn’t much of a snowstorm. I thought it was supposed
to go right on through and be like a 24 hour storm. Nothin’. It was, it didn’t start till, I don’t know, sometime around midnight or two in the morning. And then, it was you know, by noon was getting ready to
come back up, come out here, it was tapering off. Blew itself out real quick. That’s okay. It’s just nice bein’ out here. Brings back all kinds of memories. 87 days of setting this
very same Canon camera up. You know, every night before bed. And, thinking about what I did that day. What I could do better tomorrow how to, you know, how I could better
capture, catch more food what I could, you know, kinda set– a fish trap I could make Where I could launch the duck
hunter in a different spot. Could I set more efficient
lines out here and there to catch more fish better
that way or this way. There’s something I’m missing you know, there isn’t any animals to trap. There’s some way I could
attract the geese that are on the other side of the
lake to come over to my side so I could get them with the slingshot or a net trap of some sort. What was I screwing up that day? What did I need to work
harder on tomorrow? Every night I’d think
about what I did that day, and how I could do better at it. It’s something you tend not to do with the speed in everything that… Everything moves at in the world when you’re plugged in to your devices. Something should make more
of an effort to focus on. You know I go to bed at night and ya check your Facebook one more time and check your Instagram me and your, how many likes and how many,
comments and reaffirm that everything’s okay in your digital world and put the phone plugged in and put it down, turn my fan on. Say goodnight to the Lord, and thank him for another
good day and go to bed. I was out there for 87
days without the devices without all that other stuff. I spent so much more time
reflecting and thinking about… What could I do better? What did I do… What did I do today that
I shouldn’t do tomorrow? What did I, how can I
better get more food? Or, you know, when I get home what am I gonna do better? How am I gonna spend my time
with my girls to, you know, to its best advantage? Where am I going to take ’em? Where am I gonna take, you know, take my family out to
dinner, and what hikes and… And I’d think about
every road at times, too. I thought about every road that I’d go up. And I imagine that road. And I’d imagine going down the road. Okay, we’re going to
stop at the rock store, and the girls will pick out a cool little gem or something like that. Out of the, like this little gem bin, if you pick out like three of these, like, shiny stones or something like that it’s like four bucks or something. And we’d go for a– up to Fort Knox down the road a little further and we’ll explore with our flashlights. And then, we’ll continue on up the road to that place that does for
us fried whole belly clams. We’ll sit in the truck and we’ll do that. And then we’ll go to the Book Barn, and we’ll dig through all the old books while the girls run around
all crazy gotten that… It’s like a giant chicken barn. Or something like that, I
think that’s what it’s called, like the Chicken Barn. It’s got antiques
downstairs books upstairs. I’d think about all the different things I would do my family when I got home… And at some point in the
middle of all that, I’d be… I’d be asleep. And I get up in the morning,
wake up in the morning. I reach over, wake up my fire and… And then I put some firewood on it without getting out of bed. And, maybe move the pot
of fish head soup over close to the edge of the
fire and start it warming. Or break out some coals
and put it on that. And I’d lay there, and
I’d start all over again. Thinking about what I would do, when I got home, what
to do with the family. What would, what can I do that day. what were my… What did I need to do
that day to make sure that I did better, got more food. All right, well, I’m going to do just that now. Think on gun things and get some sleep. I’ll see you in the mornin’. Mornin’. (yawning) (upbeat music) I’m gonna get a fire goin’. I have to wake it up. Time to wake that fire up. Nice and cozy in here. Reed mat insulated me from the… Kept me good and insulated
from the frozen ground. Gonna wake that up fire up, get some coffee on. (scraping) Oh, yeah! That worked well, I can feel the heat coming off of it still. Need to bring my fire
chopsticks over here. This’ll do. (coals shuffling) Nice hot coals. Get a rock outa there… Literally so hot… So many coals… don’t even need to put
little tinder on here and start again, kindlin’ bundle. Move, stir this all right up, and go right to big logs if I want to. I’m go to about half inch
size stuff first, though, ’cause that way it gets it going quicker. Oh, yeah, get some air to it all. Look at all that, all
that would coalified, just kept on burnin’. All of it, all burnin’
underneath of all this dirt. I bet… Let’s consider how many coals are here, and how much is still glowin’. I probably could have gotten another 10 hours out of it like this. And then, still been able to open it up. Normally I’d climb back
to my sleeping bag, zip up a little bit and just hang out. But, I want to play with
my fire blower again, I love this thing. (blowing) (calm music) Little bit on the smoky side as the fire really gets crankin’. But, that’s okay. Stay below the smoke. (Zachary chuckling) Gotta get that fix. Brand new… Shemagh here from… came with the… This thing from 5Col and
that fire starter there. They asked me like, “Is there
anything that you need?” And I’m like, “Well, I burnt
up my last one of these “in Patagonia,” not completely but it was pretty damaged, took
some serious damage from… From putting hot rocks, happy rocks in it, and putting it in my sleeping bag, so it has a bunch of burn holes in it. Gotta be careful with them happy rocks. You take a happy rock,
you heat it up in the fire you wrap it up in your
sock or your Shemagh. If it’s too hot… You got yourself a holey sock. The trick is gonna be to make coffee without burning the handle. And, not to do the age old… Let it burn and then flops over as your logs start to come apart. Watch her close. (blowing) Love this thing. Gonna have South Pacific
Stir Fry for breakfast. Now the bright light
out, and you can see it. That’s what it looks like right there. South Pacific Stir Fry. Not too shabby. And I made this recipe already once before in my home for me and the kids, and it really does… It does come out look
pretty close to that, you know, it’s not like McDonald’s or one of those places you
know these beautiful burgers. and then you purchase ’em, and you’re like, “Oh
what is that in there?” This is exactly what it
says it says on the package all these ingredients
are literally like just, boom, freeze dried vegetables,
all just what’s in here, look for ingredients
vegetables, broccoli, peppers, Onions. Boom. Seasoning packets. It’s all right here let’s get to it. The sooner I cook it,
the sooner I can eat it. Got my little pot here from Patagonia. (clanging) (calm music) Put some new sticks down. Need a recipe… recipe holder… Little recipe stand… In my shelter. I was just kidding, but
now that said I want one. I want my own recipe stand. How am I gonna do this? Last night’s slingshot
turned out pretty cool. It’s a little bean flipper. It’s like… (oral gunshots) Awesome. Put that up here to dry some more. Somehow. There. (sawing) (Zachary laughing) There we go. I got my little recipes stand. I’m good to go. You know, it’s the little things in life that just make it so wonderful. My new recipe card stand. (Zachary laughing) Mix water with the pulled pork, to let it to soak up the broth. And it says put like in a
canning jar and shake it up, don’t have a canning jar. But we do have the bag that
I brought all of this in probably not gonna go over
this whole thing with you, but keepin’ it simple. What’s thi– I think this one
says it takes like 20 minutes might take longer to come
out here over the fire but… Three cups of water… Eh, I’m just gonna guess. Uh, now I gotta figure– Oopsy daisy, tipped it over a little bit. I just lost my water. That’s a bummer, alright. If at first you don’t
succeed, find another way, uh? Gonna warm up some snow. (metallic clanging) (percolating) Alright, coffee is served, yeah. Coffee’s done. Yesterday’s gas station
coffee cup, everybody. So many people like the comments like, “Oh, what a fruit cake, “goes out in the woods and
brings his own coffee,” but what you don’t realize is after spending 87 days alone, those interactions at the
local store with the people that I know there, and
the “Hey how’s it going,” and those things are just
so much more meaningful now. I don’t have to go to
the store to get coffee, I go to the store to get to get coffee, ’cause I like the people there. And to say hi to people I know and I can get myself a
Green Mountain coffee. ‘Cause I do like their coffee, too. And you can’t buy Lake and Lodge outside of buying it in bulk. You know, which I can do. There’s no reason I couldn’t do it but I just like the paper cup, and the people at my local corner store. Does seem like the fire, the more I get it back
against that big back draft the more it wraps up and goes away and chimneys out and so the smoke level goes from here to there. What I need is get a
breathing tube in here this summer when the ground thaws. Soon as that ground thaws I’m
digging and breathing line, and bringing some air in. That’ll make a big difference. And build like a little
rocket stove off to the side for cooking just with the pans that you feed some sticks into it and really bring a pan
to a boil real quick safely without ever have it tipping over and having put it on logs on the fire. It’s gonna be awesome. I intend to continue to build on this camp as time goes on, making it
more and more of a home. Than just a shelter of
some sort out in the woods. Will be fun. Replace the water I spilt that in my pork. Fortunately had it pulled my
breath into the pork first. That would have been a disaster. Would have been… Wouldn’t it just be great if
things are like the olden days, you know, we could camp and just hunt, whatever you needed to be able
to just keep going, you know, didn’t have to pack in
food and things like that. I think about it, sometimes. I spent 87 days without spending a cent. How many of you have spent a day, or even four days or five days in a row without spending a single set. And I’m not… Maybe you don’t maybe
like I’ve been five days but did your bank account
spend money already for you. Did Amazon update and you paid Amazon or your Netflix automatically
out of your bank account. How many of you truly gone, a week, even without spending any money. Now that is a challenge
that should be like a… an internet challenge right there. Go a week without
spending money, one cent. If you gassed up your car. And you… You made sure that there was no automatic bill payments coming out and made it a point to go one week. And you buy groceries go
one week, every month, where you didn’t spend any money imagine how much money you would have at the end of the year. If one week every month… You didn’t spend any money. Brought all your own
food to work, or ya… Is it even possible, in this modern world to not
spend money for an entire week? There it is rolling boil. Ah, man I forgot my colander. What am I gonna do. Gotta drain my noodles. (Zachary chuckling) This’ll be interesting. (water draining) Alright, well that was easier
than I thought it would be. That oughta do it. And ta duh. Get outa there. One last noodle hanger onner. Eh, whatever. Alright, there we go, add some butter. Now, if you’re trying to
saute something over the fire, you ever tried to cook bacon, and you get it like way
too hot or an egg, right? And, you get it in all so hot
and it’s ruining your meal and, you know, which ruins your time. Nothin’ like eggs could play too hot you don’t get that nice runny yellow when you’re cooking over the fire. Well, that’s where the
shovel comes in handy. Right here, my butter, will be too hot if I just keep cooking it like that. If I had a bigger fire I could
move it to different places. Ashes, takes ashes and stuff. And you can dampen down
your fire with the ashes. Just like when you dampen
down the fire at night. Use the ashes to mild her out. Until you can get a nice
stir fry simmer goin’ on. Instead of a burns it to
the bottom of the pan. I add the pork, the garlic. Oh, this is gonna be scrumptious. I do wish I had the eggs
though from last night. I was planning on cooking this last night, and eating half of it last night and then fryin’ up and an
egg with a runny yellow on it for breakfast and
throwing that in there. Oh, that would have been tasty. That woulda been tasty havin’ a… Nothing like stir fry
with an egg and on top. (sizzling) Mixed vegetables. And, onions. (sizzling) (slow piano music) Add back the broth. (sizzling) (plastic crinkling) (sizzling) Even comes with this cute
little bottle of rice vinegar. (pouring) Packets a soy sauce. Oops, just missed the
pan with some of that. Oh well. It is done. Just gotta let it rest
for a couple minutes. Now that that’s done, gonna let it rest. Do my Bible time. Have some devotions here
while I drink my coffee. And I’ll be able to… I’ll be able to have some breakfast. Let that cool off. This is such a nice… so comfy in here, I’m so– I’m getting a little hot actually. Little shemagh. Oh, what a beautiful, beautiful little setup is turned out to be. It is like super snowy and… and wintery out there, it’s
colder than it was yesterday. I’m in here with my nice little
meal, and my beautiful fire. And What was it some joke there. Hashtag blessed. They were making fun of people sharing pictures of the devotionals on Instagram all the time of stuff. Don’t want to drag you
along through all that. But if you do care to know what I’m up to, and Devotional Bible time. Spend my little bit of time
with the Lord every morning, and I like to use, there’s
an app for my called our… Our Daily Bread. Which is a devotional thing that you follow along with. And it has a reading plan for reading through the Bible in a year. And my parents, it came
in a little paper booklet, and my parents read that to us. Growing up every morning, we’d have devotions together
at the table as a family, you read the little bit
of a story and verses to go along with it, and inspirational and get to know the Lord
more and the man above. So… I’ma do this. And then we’ll have some
breakfast, exciting. Three hours later. Just kidding. Alright, breakfast time. Ye haw. Refresh my coffee. (pouring) Oh, this is gonna be good. There you go, just looks like
any other finished dinner nice color to it, beautiful red peppers and broccoli and nice big ol’ chunks of pineapple in there. And what else we got,
and wonderful noodles. And, all that pulled pork in there. It is excellent. Let me tell you, it is… Sun just (oral explosion) came out. Lord, thank you for this food and this time out here in the shelter. And just bless this food to me
buddy here, Jesus name Amen. Alright, alright, alright, alright. As Matthew McConaughey says,
“Alright, alright, alright.” Oh yeah, nailed it. Only thing that would make this better, being that breakfast, is a nice fried egg with the runny yoke there all over it, oh. (chewing) I was so surprised when I
first did this stuff that there’s that much flavor. You know, in freeze dried food like that, it’s like, it’s so nice. I’ve tried like, canned food and I mean, the best canned
food I ever had was the stuff we did ourself, we canned
our own goat meat and stuff. I want to try and get
some goats this summer so I can do some, process my
own goat, I love goat meat. You’d never know that this
pulled pork that’s in this was literally like dried, like
a half of a gram of weight of dried, you know looked
like petrified meat, you know, now it’s like the juicy brand new, just like it’s been roasted for eight hours pulled pork melt in your mouth. Now, if you gotta do carbs, (Zachary laughing) this is the way to do it. Mmm. (chopsticks scraping) Mmm. After I came back from
my 87 days in Patagonia, I didn’t even realize it. And one day, Jamie said, “All right, “it’s been a month since you’ve been home. “Can you stop licking your
plate clean every time?” And, I was like, “Oh, I
didn’t know I was doing that.” She’s like, “It’s not so much the licking “the plate clean I don’t like, “as all the stuff in your
beard after you do it.” So I tried to not lick my plate clean so much anymore. And as always, once you’re done do your dishes like so. Except for this, I’m probably not gonna toss that one in the fire. Alright time to add to the
wizard staff, the story pole. We have two lobster and
now there’s a slingshot. I forgot that that the last week’s video for making the slingshot last week and in the casting videos slash how to make a steam bent
slingshot over the fire. And this week, let’s see… What I’m gonna add, what am I gonna add, Get myself a charcoal stick. Draw it on with a little charcoal stick. Whoo, this charcoal stick is hot. I’m not actually drawing it
on, I’m just drawing lines so I can keep within a spiral pattern coming down with my symbols. Think I’m gonna add a snowflake ’cause I came out here in the snow, and the moon, because I
spent one night out here. And, I’m not really gonna add something for what I cooked or anything. That’d just be weird. (upbeat music) Cool. Added a little more to my story here. Little snowflake. I got the slingshot from last time. And then the snowflake. And a moon. So now we got the lobsters
over the fire the slingshot. I gotta go back and add some
of the other stuff, from here, like the reed boat and some other things. I haven’t figured out what
to add to the head of it. You know, the one in
Patagonia my one for the head was the fish had soup
that’s kept me alive. And I’m not sure what to add this time. All right. Well that’s, it was a good
little time out here last night. Working on that with my headlamp
getting another slingshot. Wanna let this one dry, I don’t
want to spring open at all. Let dry for a while at home like this too, before it finally cut it down. Since I don’t have any need to finish it for a video right away. That was exciting. What a nice little night now here. Not much of a shelter it’s more of a home. It feels like just like
out there and Patagonia. It’s like I’m perfectly
comfortable not roughing it. I was extremely warm. I was able to keep my fire
going, bank it, put it to sleep, wake it back up, so I got– I didn’t even have to get out of bed till was nice and warm
and cozy in here again. Living it up out in the bush, you know, doesn’t get much better than this. Some trout would have been nice, but maybe next time we’ll have
to do somethin’ different. And, yeah if you support this channel and you like the stuff I’m doing. You can support me by
hitting up the links below. I will see you guys next time, Fowler out. (chopping of coals) (shovel scraping)

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