Sophie Comes For NBA Youngboy’s Side Chicks

Sophie Comes For NBA Youngboy’s Side Chicks

what’s up everybody, welcome back so if you’ve seen my previous video, then
you know that NBA Youngboy has a new boo. And it seems like there might be a little bit of animosity between him and Dej Rosegold right now because her friend Sophie got on live while drunk and was acting like she was all mad and ready to fight all of NBA Youngboy’s side chicks. And she also confirmed that both YaYa and Kay have been at Youngboy’s house for several days now and
says they’re in the “back house”. And not too long ago Dej Rosegold kept making jokes on her page about the back house and even named her triller account
b*’s love the back house. So, that must be like a running joke between them Like what is he keeping the one that he like the most in the house and the other girls gotta stay in the back
house or something? And in the video that I posted of Arabian
exposing yaya and blasian… you hear Arabian say how Youngboy’s other girls were coming to the house while SHE was there, also. So, this situation seems to be like some old playboy mansion, Surviving R. Kelly type of stuff at this point. It’s like he is openly having all these girls
at his house and they all know about each other and are still willing to be apart of whatever it is that he has going
on And I don’t know what kind of game NBA Youngboy is giving these girls to get them to go along for all of this, but he is definitely a pro at whatever he’s doing.. but I’m gonna go ahead and let y’all listen
to what Sophie had to say about all this. And I’ll see y’all in the next video. Like… I’m so f****d up right now, like… Y’all don’t even know it like… No, bro it ain’t on no told Dej sh**! I’m finna beat one of y’all hoes up. Y’all I’m so f****d up. Like I’m trying to control like this liquor sh**. Y’all I’m finna… I’m finna throw all this sh** up. TO beat one of them hoes up. Like that sh** sick! Yo, I’m trying to throw this sh** up. I’m finna throw this sh** up. I’m finna beat one of them stupid hoes up. Y’all… All them hoes in the back house. Haha. From lil Kay Kay to lil YaYa b****. Aaaaaah! Dej don’t gotta be y’all up I will. “Lyric the goat.” I don’t give a f*** about no Lyric. She gone sing lyrics after I’m done chocking her a** out. Lyric that b****. F*** is you talking about. B**** I’m finna beat one of y’all hoes up, b****. And I’m so for real b****. I’m in B.R. I will drop the address. Stop playing. Beating one of you stupid b******* up. You b****** wanna play on tops. I’m finna play on y’all top. Dej ain’t nowhere crying b****. F*** is you talkin’ bout. B**** she better not be crying. B****. I’ll fight that hoe for ever crying b**** we don’t cry. Not bout no nig** Not bout no nig** “You gotta jump the gate first.” B**** I don’t gotta jump no gate. “She don’t got no choice but to.” Cry about what? A nig**. B**** she been had s***. Before a nig**. “Lil YaYa and Kay in the back …” B**** they been in the back house. B**** for days now b**** stop playing b**** I been knew that. Stop playing b****. Talking bout some b**** she crying. She was cry… You was crying on live before. B**** yeah I’m a cry baby, b****. Dej don’t cry. I cry b****. I’m a cry baby. Dej don’t cry. She better not cry. I’ll punch that hoe in her eye if she cry. That hoe don’t cry. She better not cry. B**** that hoe ain’t crying, that hoe giggling. Dej is evil low key. That b**** is in… in her f*******… Dej… Dej is right there probably like “hahahaha”. That hoe don’t cry. She better not. “Together they back bumping coochies.” B**** Kay and YaYa back there kissing on each other, b****. “Two red bones kissing in the back seat. Girl don’t stop keep going that attract me.” Stop playing. “Get the f*** off live. No, b****! B**** y’all believe them statuses Dej write. Shut the f*** up. “Did she keep the car?” B****, she will. If she dealing. B****, f*** is y’all saying. Y’all hold on I gotta throw this s*** up. I ain’t one to gossip, so you ain’t heard that from me.

39 thoughts on “Sophie Comes For NBA Youngboy’s Side Chicks

  1. Why everyone so worried and concern bout other people like and what they doing rather you no them personally love them and are personally concern you don't have to call someone out on every little thing in on the internet for everyone else to no bout it and put they lil weak ass 2 cents in and ass hole opinion and input

  2. Making threats on the internet way to brave some peeps like jail time or they would not threaten others on social media real smart one there

  3. I believe Youngboy got a pussy between his legs 💀 nigga for everybody it’s gone be one day them hoes gone set him up😁

  4. She's that girl in school that wanted to be everybody's friend. She will do anything to be liked. Her only friend should be a therapist right now

  5. Mayweather, get your daughter out the back house. Smfh, I guess the people he paying to watch her, let her get away 🏃🏽‍♂️

  6. She just want apart of the camp he did mention a reality show once again why would all these young ladies beef at the same time 😏 #staywoke I really did like Sophie but now she makes me feel like she's truly Clout chasin from what I understand you suck NBA off when your so-called bestie went to the store if that's true u gets no respect and why you talking about throwing up all you young ladies need to get down in your belly respect for yourself have several seats all of y'all just like the little girl from the past that has made herself known caramel kisses whoever yeah she's talkin about things from 2 years ago but at the same time she also keeping it real with y'all and letting y'all know that y'all all look like fools a man that don't even think about y'all have this boy named on yall don't have your own mama name on y'all our father name on y'all and y'all sitting here beefing over each other like she said some damn fools just some damn fools😝😝😝

  7. All those young ladies need God in their life. It's just sad. We deeply have to pray for the youth. They are our future but they are so lost souls. My heart hurts smh

  8. I don't even like worldwide spotlight for the same reason but he goofy ass fuck as the days go by but still good videos

  9. In i was more talking about the girl and the video not you but you ask me why i am here why u making videos about someone else

  10. Youngboy must got some gold or diamonds on his 🍆 this shii is so toxic and Dej have been acting bipolar ASF lately you can tell she's hurt but if you play with fire you gone get burned and that's for all of them even young lyric she's nothing but his next victim that's he's going to treat bad and then discard I like youngboy music but he's a narcissist that's fully incapable of giving and receiving love he act like he wants love so bad but he do not know how to receive it once it's there he needs some serious help and so does these ladies that's putting up with his behavior

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