Stereotype world: THE MIDDLE EAST SPEAKS UP! #CreatorsForChange

Stereotype world: THE MIDDLE EAST SPEAKS UP! #CreatorsForChange

Do you know what i freaking hate? This This is a beautifully crafted and measured Lie They get you from really, early on Now this right here is how they want the whole world To view us Watch this Ladies and gentlemen Welcome, to the stereotype world Stereotype world Stereotype world Welcome everybody to the stereotype world I am the man And this my woman I always walk behind and stay low *SHHH QUIET!* We live in sand castles And always ride camels Even on our way to school Yes i’m oppressed Just like how you guessed I don’t get a say in what I dooo And I have 10 wives Then I bomb up my life Then I go to eat homoooooos Anything for khabebe Stereotype World Stereotype World Welcome everybody to the stereotype world That’s enough! I think it’s about time that we speak up For ourselves! I think I need the mic I need the mic Come on Hala Wallah Pass the microphone let me speak up and vent The Middle East girls came down to represent! Let’s put an end to all the Stereotypes Inshallah! And yes we like flowers but when its boss time You gon see our real powers! Treat the women like a Queen From every single race and every single deen We got love in our hearts Family got our backs Spread rumors about us and We gonna clap back! We got doctors lawyers Coffee shop owners CEOs Ministers PHD holders Now I aint come here to say That we never struggle But then again show me one place Aint got no trouble I hereby testify that our men Treat us with respect like real gentlemen So where my Shammis at? *The Levant* Yeah!! Sudaniyat? *Sudanis* Yeah!! Masreyat !! *Egyptians* Yeah! Khaleejiat? *From the Gulf* Yeah !! Iraqiat? *Iraqis* Yeah!! Moroccans at? Yeah!! Always been strong from Morocco to Iraq From the littlest ones All the way to the hajjjaaaaat! So sit back relax Get some hummus and Popcorn Cause I’m about to take you on a trip To go see my real Home Welcome ya’ll to the Middle East I invite you all to walk with me Coz I want to show you a side of us that you might not know yet Lesson one is the Middle East Is not just a single country It’s actually many more countries incase you didn’t know At the land of the Pharoes here we are Archaeologists come here from afar They invented make up glass & paper calenders and irrigation On the river nile so EGYPTIANLY Lets learn about them CULTURALLY “Sabah sabah ya ‘Am el Hag” That’s how they say wassup ! Lets go down a couple of miles to NUBAH TOWN the land of the smiles Everybody over here will make you wanna smile El shaab el Nubi Make you wanna SMILE smile smile smi smi mis smile Nuba make you wanna smile Okay right now Let’s go to Morocco So come down and LA LA LA Welcome to NORTH AFRICA In the blue city SO PRETTY Full of joy and serenity Lets go to the market or the souq Everybody over here is sadeek al sadoook Yo check this So instagrammble You really like this? So fashionable And everybody on the street Just loves to greet Hala okhty Hala khooya Hala okhty Hala khooya Say Hala okhty Hala khooya And now let’s go to the Gulf part of the world. We can chill by the MAJLIS Salamo Alaykum Or by the horses Or hug palm trees I love you Or we can go to the city, Skyscrapers Guccis and Ferraris Or go with the shabab, To the dunes and VROOM VROOM VROOM! You see the thing is that we like to mix the new with the tradition Tradition tradition It’s ok to be different Tradition tradition More unity less division! Tradition Tradition We got awesome traditions Tradition tradition Let’s talk about tradition Like how we like to invite a lot of people And always over feed them It takes about two hours when we first greet our friends And then about 7 more hours just to say goodbye and leave them BYE KHALTO BY 3AMO BYE KHALO BYE 3abdo I eat pizza, I eat mana eesh I guess we both just like cheese So come inside to our lives Use your eyes and see Judge with your senses and your mind NOT – THAT – DAMN – TV NOT – THAT – DAMN – TV Tradition Tradition Let’s talk about tradition Tradition tradition it’s ok to to be different So listen up everybody YEAH YEAH Every boy and girl YEAH YEAH It ain’t only about the Middle East SAY WHAT?! It’s about the WHOLE WORLD IT’S ABOUT THE WHOLE WORLD Hi Everybody I’m African And no I dont live with Lions Im Asian and I am not just a computer geek Hi I’m Latina and my uncle ain’t el Chapo Tradition tradition it’s ok to to be different Tradition tradition More unity less devision Tradition tradition Tradition tradition Its ok to be different In the end deep down we are all we are all we are all we are all the saaaaame Salaam Alaykum!

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  1. اللي يقولو مافي ترجمه الا فيه شفتو الثلاث النقاط اللي فزاويه الشاشه اضغطوا عليها راح تلقوا ترجمه اختارو العربيه

  2. افضل مقطع يوتيوب بالشرق الاوسط
    ما توقعت انو في اجانب يحبون العرب

  3. This is embarrassing, you mentioned every arab country, and forgot about the Qahtanites (Yemenis) which are the native Arabs ✌️

  4. ٦:٤٢ السلام عليكم بالنهاية ….صدگ تحچي؟!!
    6:42 Alslam alekom In the end … really

  5. كفووووو الفيديو جميل وباين انو متعوب علية ويقدم رسالة مرررة حلووة تحية لاصحابة😆😆👏👏❤👍

    This beautiful video offers a purposeful and honest message, applauding the workmanship😆😆👏👏❤👍

  6. انا فخوره جدا ومبسوطه اوي اني شفت الفيديو ده ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  7. تتحححححححححححفففففههههه💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  8. Because honey it's the truth , you need to read about your history religion better than waisting your time making this song ! Ex Muslim here ! And between cover your neck , it's Awra !

  9. من اجمل الفديوهات فعلا….
    حبيبتي هيفا انتي اجمل يوتيوبر ..
    ومظلومه من ناحيه المشاهدات…

  10. I dont care about the concept or the idea behind this video but the cringe lvl is so high in a way i dont mind the US nuking us.

  11. but you forget Amazigh people in morroco , him nit arabian people's never and thanks

  12. يجنننننننن كأنه عمل من اعمال دزني
    بهجه و فرح كبير ينتابني لمن اشوف المقطع
    ابعدددددددددددددداع هيفاء دائما متميزه😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  13. كنت فخوره وسعيده وانا اتفرج الين في الاخير شفت الشعار حق المسيح وجبريل والرب والحريه بمعتقد الماسونيه هذا شعارهم مو شعارنا احنا احرار لكن هذا الشعار لا ينتمي لنا ابداا !!!!!!!!!! نعممممم !!!!! من انتم !!!!!!!!!! من سمح لكم تتكلمون عن لساننا !؟؟ لا هذا مو احنا يا المسلمين ولا في احد مصيطر علينا ولا انتم وانا شكيت 😶وعرفت من بدايه الاغنيه انو فيه رساله ماسونيه على العموم انت تمثلون نفسكم فقط في فيديو مدته ٧ دقايق فقط محد يقدددر يمثل احد العين تشوف والأذن تسمع واحنا لانرفع شعار ماسونيه ولا مسيحيه ولا نرفع الا شعار الاسلام الذي ينبثق منه الاحترام والسلام والمساواه والإنسانية ونبينا محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم فقطططط👋🏻

  14. مبعرف لي دمعت وقت سمعتا لانو كتير حقيقيه كللغرب ماخدين فكره عنبنات لعرب انهم جاهلات وبلا فهم وبلا راي وبلا طموح ومابيعرفو يحكو بس بينضربو وبياكلو بلا شخصيه بس احنا عنجد دارسين ومنفهم ومدللات عند اهلنا وطبعا بيضل في نسبة ظلم وتخلف بس هاد بكل مكان بلعالم مشبس عند لعرب

  15. حبيتوووووووووو انا من السودان عجبني شديد شكرا انتي كتير تعبتي والله ب الفديووو دا بس رسالتك وصلت

  16. اللي يضحك بالموضوع انها تحاول تقمع الصورة النمطية عن العرب ثم تجي بالفيديو كليب تبين الصورة النمطية عن الخليجيات والخليجيين انهم اغنياء

  17. Watching this video makes me wonder if the Orientalist literature is at fault at all. This is practically how they portrayed the exotic east.
    I see no representation of scientific or cultural development. Mere appropriation of pop culture!
    This video fails miserably in countering the prevalent orientalist narrative and further aggravates the situation. I'll call it neo-orientalist narrative.

  18. بجننننن الفيديوووو روعة
    كل مرة اشوف الفيديو ما احضرو لانو العنوان لو يبين انو الفيديو اغنية كان بجذب مشاهدة اكتر
    بس هالمرة حكيت خليني اشوف شو هاد
    طلع واو بجنننننننننننن

  19. This video MUST go viral ❤❤ am so proud of being a part of THE MIDDLE EAST , this is the true US , all the love and support from 🇩🇿

  20. not bad acually qite good as serios proplem solver even though i have some reservation on how it shows the woman as the one with power and control when its not real there is what is right and what is a fact and what is fake the right in islam is equality Equality between men and women and reality is the superiority of men over women in rights and freedoms and falsehood is the superiority of women and their power and control over men soo at least if you want to fix this fact show what is right to do in islam

  21. رائعه ,,ناقصكم هي السورية بامريكا تغني حجابي بتوقع اسمها منى حيدر 💃

  22. والله العظيم انه يجنننننن فيديو عجيب صراااحه ابدددداع بلا حدوووود🌹

  23. اعجبتني قوة شخصيتك من الاول بس انا عجبني المقطع الاول اكتر
    تحياتي من تونس

  24. الاغنية قمة بالروعة والابداع عدا انها هادفه والها رساله ابدددددعتي هيفااا والاخراج توووب 👍👍❤❤❤❤❤❤

  25. افضل مقطع فيديو شاهده عن المرأة العربية والتعب فيه واضح جدا

  26. So many salty comments.
    We are proud arabs and muslims for life we LOVE our culture and traditions👏❤️
    And that girl power vibe damn❤️❤️

  27. ترى الاغنيه خلينيها اغنيه تخرجنا وربيي كان فله احس هيب هوب ورقص نفسي اعيد اليوم

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