42 thoughts on “Steve GOES OFF on MEXICAN JUMPING BEANS | The Valleycast, Ep. 98

  1. I wish these guys were as entertaining in these hour long podcast as they are in skits. Its hard to sit through this content. I usually give it under 2 minutes, by then I'm bored and head out.

  2. I usually hate public awkward jokes and bits but this was so funny. Also Steve looks like he’s lost a lot of weight nice job man.

  3. I do miss Lee's contribution to the conversation, sometimes you 3 guys don't feel engaged with each other's talking points or bits.

  4. I saw them being sold a few years ago but as a grow your own moth thing with instructions for letting it grow and live (for one day 😂)

  5. Uh oh….were they not so subtly hinting at some potentially sad Valleyfolk news with the whole Steve's future news and March Gladness thing? Poop, might need to get some tickets for the tour

  6. Great episode it made me realize I really like when Steve reads articles. Steve has a beautiful reading/narrating voice and I always learn something new and I love it. Please consider using this idea, maybe as a segment on your show?

  7. I did know mexican jumping beans had little worms in them. I once found a pack where the beans were sliced open, then resealed with some kind of resin window where you could see the larva inside. Legally it's not animal cruelty because insects are not legally categorized as animals. Plus, the "bean" is useless to the farmer since its infested. So making money on a natural byproduct of a crop is not uncommon. Maybe, slightly moralisticly questionable because, again, it's just an insect. Insects are looking to possibly be the new crops of the future with the talk of replacing meat from them, so…

  8. The sound, sight, smell, and feel of standing at the bottom of a waterfall on a hot day and letting the mist blow over you is one of my favorite all around feelings.

  9. I worked as a cashier at dollar tree about two years ago and they sold them there. I had a mom come through my line with two boxes of them and I asked her if she knew what they were. She gave me the usual response from cartoons and stuff, but I said, “No, but what they REALLY are…” so I told her and she looked at me like 😳 I told her it would be fine catchy just to keep them in the boxes when they weren’t being played with and don’t keep them around any of their closets! 🤣

  10. Don't love the new ads. Ads should be short and sweet. I'd be way more willing to sit through the ads if they were 20-30 seconds each, comparable to television ads. This is why people install adblock or ublock origin, or straight up skip through a video. There are podcasts that I have to skip the first 10 minutes because it's nothing but ads. I appreciate that you want to make The Content That No One Wants at least kind of fun, but the information can be given in a much shorter amount of time, and I think people would be more willing to actually sit through it if you did 2 or 3 in a row in a minute or two.

  11. Steve talking about the jumping bean maggot fucking killed me
    I remembered there was something inside there that creeped me out as a kid but I forgot it was a little maggot 😂

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