Storage Crate Coffee Table | Home Made Simple | Oprah Winfrey Network

Storage Crate Coffee Table | Home Made Simple | Oprah Winfrey Network

All right. So, Joshua, Alonzo,
how handy would you say you are
doing wood projects? I would say five out of 10. – Yeah?
– Pretty moderate. – Yeah.
– OK. OK. So what we’re going
to do is create a movable coffee table that
has a little bit of storage. It’s going to be your
end all, fix all. But it is a start, OK? So these crates were just
purchased at a hardware store. You can get them
pretty much anywhere. But all of them are kind
of a little bit rough. So I pre-sanded them. So we’ll move these
three out of the way. And now we’re just going
to be staining them. And the color that we
are going to be using is a little bit of
a mix that I did. It’s a dark walnut, but also
a little bit of espresso. So we’re just going to
do a quick brush on. [UPBEAT MUSIC] You use a little bit.
– I put a little too much there. Yeah. And you can adjust it, too. But as long as you
kind of wipe some off, you don’t have to worry
about it being so dark. [UPBEAT MUSIC] I’m going to start
staining the bottom piece. So with so many
kids in the family, how do you guys decide
which one does what? We usually do it by committee. You know, usually the girls work
great with mom in the kitchen. Yeah. Or dad, you know,
it’s vice versa. OK. And you know the boys
like to get our hands dirty, so mom needs us to
get on the roof– Wait a minute. The boys don’t like to cook? – Oh, no way.
– Ah, no we can cook for sure. But we don’t like to.
[LAUGHS] – Yeah?
– Yeah. Well, I’m done with my piece. It looks like you
guys are pretty much done with your pieces, too.
– Yeah. So how about we
set these two aside, let them dry a little bit. And then we’ll put it all
together when we come back. – Cool.
– OK. [UPBEAT MUSIC] All we have to do now is
connect them all together using the nail gun.
– OK. [UPBEAT MUSIC] [NAIL GUN THUNKING] Alonzo, you can do this one. [UPBEAT MUSIC] [NAIL GUN THUNKING] All right. You guys did awesome. How do you feel? I feel pretty good.
It looks nice. I feel confident.
It looks good. Yeah? We’re putting on the bottom. [UPBEAT MUSIC] [NAIL GUN THUNKING] All right. You guys are pros now. You guys did amazing. I love it. The next step that
we’re going to do is one of our final steps. We’re just going to
put on the wheels to the bottom of
the coffee table. [UPBEAT MUSIC] There it is. There it is. There it is. Yeah, excellent job, guys. This was a really
awesome project to create a little bit more
space in the room for you guys. You’ll be able to
roll it around, put it where you need
to go, and I think you guys did an amazing job. Thanks so much. Thank you. [UPBEAT MUSIC]

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  1. Great video! How did you fill in the hole, the very center between the crates on top? Would love to try this project

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