[Sub]/cafe vlog/밀크티/카페브이로그/팔공티

[Sub]/cafe vlog/밀크티/카페브이로그/팔공티

Go to work TV ON Tapioca Pearl We are filling in scarce thing Oolong Milk Tea delicious Condensed milk latte Sweet condensed milk Matcha milk tea + cream cheese foam It is abundant by adding tapioca pearls Add cream cheese foam 2 Taro Milk Tea + Add Milk Foam Milk foam tastes like savory fresh cream Strawberry Green Tea Cool and filled with ice Work hard again Cafe Mocha Gradient is beautiful Coconut Smoothie It is delicious even if you just eat without coffee. Strangely stacked Cafe Latte + Tapioca Pearls added So delicious While making a pleasant drink 3 hands are fine Grapefruit Green Tea Color is pretty Drinks ordered by subscriber Mangoade, grapefruitade I like mango ade Red bean matcha milk tea Add red beans It tastes like “BBbig” ice cream Brown sugar milk tea, matcha milk tea I didn’t catch two cups Coffee Milk Tea Kaohsiung Milk Tea added Espresso Honey Milk Tea Put plenty of honey Grapefruit ade sparkling water Caramel latte Condensed milk latte Matcha milk tea It tastes like green tea Cream Cheese Kaohsiung Milk Tea It is the most popular drink Cream cheese foam is a fresh cream with a crispy cheese flavor Brown sugar milk tea Can not control sugar separately If you want to eat less sweet, mix less brown sugar syrup Tell the staff to add a little bit of brown sugar syrup Mango Milk Tea shilling Condensed milk latte + tapioca pearls added I like this drink the best these days Fill the beans in the middle Lemonade Chocolate Smoothie, Strawberry Smoothie + Tapioca Pearl Strawberry Ade would be delicious Stacking Chocolate smoothie tastes Korean ice cream “Papiko” (Personal thought) I want to fill in the middle of the smoothie Taro Milk Tea + Milk Foam Milkform is like a cloud I’ve never eaten but I have to ! Black tea It is easy to make Cream Cheese Kaohsiung Milk Tea, Cream Cheese Chocolate Milk Tea Popular menu 🙂 Kaohsiung Milk Tea I asked a lot about the difference between Kaohsiung Milk Tea and Korea Milk Tea. Both are black tea bases. Kaohsiung has a strong black tea taste and Korea has a strong milk taste. Cafe Latte Milk Foam Americano Add 2 milk foams Mango Milk Tea Kaohsiung Milk Tea + Chocolate Foam Chocolate Foam Cream Cheese Oolong Milk Tea Cafe Latte Matcha milk tea, Kaohsiung milk tea Don’t drop some ice ,,,, Full Cream Cheese Chocolate Milk Tea Cream Cheese Cream Cheese Foam Taro Milk Tea Matcha milk tea It tastes like green tea Is going home happily Thank you for watching the video today 🙂

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  1. a suggestion – try to add lesser ice to the drinks because in some of your videos, i see that almost half of the drinks is ice and customers might not be happy about that

  2. 까아아아악 현꿍님 이런 영상도 너무x2 좋아요 섬넬도 넘나 이쁘고요 저도 저 카페 가 보고 싶네요 현꿍언니 만나러 가고 싶어요 ㅠㅠ 진짜 ㅠㅠ

  3. 3:29 In the bg is Gotta go? 👀👀👀❤

    Btw these videos makes me want to be legal so I can work in a cafe :c. Sadly, I'm still 16 😞

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