[ENGLISH SUB]床上減肚腩運動-減小腹脂肪收側腹線條及日常保養腹肌//

Hi everyone! It’s me again. Today I’m going to do ab exercises which can be done in bed with you guys. These exercises will help in maintaining your ab lines, reduce abdominal fat, keep your midriff flat and get it in shape. This will cinch your waist. Why do I Continue Reading

20MINS特強瘦大腿操 (減外側內側後側及提臀) 2星期內明顯見效//

Today I’m going to do an intensified version of slim thigh workout with you guys. Similar to thigh workout of the last video, this thigh workout is suitable for any leg type including fat legs, oedematous legs, or muscular legs like mine. It does not make your legs thick nor Continue Reading

減手臂操加強版-減拜拜肉、改善副乳問題及強化鎖骨線條 (短期見效) // (重新上載版)

Hello everyone. It’s me again! Today, we will do arm exercises together. Before that, many friends keep asking me a question for a long time. I want to clarify here. Some of the exercises I taught are for getting the muscles firmer. If your body fat is low, The result Continue Reading