Ochazuke Ideas (Japanese Green Tea Over Cooked Rice) お茶漬け バリエーション – OCHIKERON – CREATE EAT HAPPY

Hi Everyone welcome to Create Eat Happy. This is Ochikeron Today I want to show you how to make Ochazuke. Ochazuke is Japanese green tea over cooked rice You can use leftover rice and left over toppings and any toppings any toppings are ok If goes great with rice And Continue Reading

나뚜루🌿신메뉴 3단계 녹차아이스크림 먹방 _ 녹덕 크게 소리 질러어어어어 :D

Hey everyone~ It’s Nado 😀 *I’m congenitally missing the bottom teeth* (Subtitle:Wendy) To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Natuur, they released three version of the green tea icecream. So today, I have delicious ice creams of Natuur♥ *This video is spornsored by Natuur* Tri-level greentea ice cream…Make some noise!!!!! *0*// Continue Reading

Christmas wreath green tea cookies 크리스마스 리스 녹차 쿠키 / Matcha / 緑茶 / ノクチャ クッキー

Melt chocolate over hot water Decorate with chopped nuts and cranberry

Green Tea Leaves Nutrition Facts

Green Tea Leaves nutrition facts show it’s rich in “green tea caffeine”, vitamins and minerals. Data source:United States Department of Agriculture

Learn the green tea くまちゃんお茶を学ぶ #147

Spring arrived before I hibernate… Hello! This is the Cooking Bear Channel. Today, I will learn about the simple way to enjoy Japanese tea from “Hannari-Sensei”! Well, let’s get started. Nice to meet you. Yes, Kuma-chan. Nice to meet you, too. Hannari-Sensei, please tell me about the tools used in Continue Reading

녹차 오페라 케이크 만들기(Green tea Opera Cake)ㅣ몽브셰(mongbche)

Obuchi Sasaba : Mt. Fuji and Green Tea fields – Shizuoka – 大淵笹場 : 茶畑と富士山 – 4K Ultra HD

Obuchi Sasaba is one of the most famous green tea fields in the world. Thanks to its unique scenery, Obuchi Sasaba attracts millions of visitors every year and also happens to be the location of choice for many TV, movie, and the advertising crews. Indeed, the gorgeous tea fields, it’s Continue Reading

抹茶栗きんとん ~ green tea kurikinton【料理レシピはParty Kitchen🎉】

200 g of sweet potatoes Soak them in water for 15 to 20 minutes to remove the bitterness. Water Cook until they become tender. 20 g of sugar About 80 g of chestnut compote syrup A pinch of salt 1 tbs of mirin Knead it well on medium heat. Remove Continue Reading