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Hello everyone! It’s taehoon I’m going to eat strawberry milk cream mochi and green tea chocolate mochi today 🙂 And i’ll eat with milk ! I will enjoy my foods I’m really sorry! It’s too sweet to eat all T T i think i should leave these and eat later Continue Reading

CAKE🍰 MERINGUE COOKIE BOBA TEA (taro milk) Mukbang Eating sounds

Hi guys ~ ♡ Today’s menu: cakes, taro milk bubble tea Did you enjoy your Christmas? ♡ It’s Christmas where I live, and I wish today would never end..! Taro Milk Tea chewy tapioca pearls~ Mini Chestnut Buche de Noel The name is hard.. lol It’s just a creamy Christmas Continue Reading

녹차 초코퐁떡, 뿌려먹는 초콜릿 찹쌀떡

Let’s make green tea pong-tteok (Coated glutinous rice cake with green tea ganache) glutinous rice flour 1¼cup sugar 1½Tbsp + salt½tsp warm water 1cup If blended well, cover with plastic wrap and cook with microwave for 1:30 seconds. Please don’t seal up too tight, put a little space in it. Continue Reading

공차 버블티 리얼사운드 먹방 ASMR BUBBLE TEA MUKBANG バブルティー Trà bong bóng Thé à bulles ชาฟอง EATING REAL SOUNDㅣ선우

Hi, I’m Sunwoo. Today I’ve got a tolerance bubble. from the left Black Milky, Green Tea Milk Tea, Mango Milk Tea, Choco Mills Tea. I’ll eat well. Your subscription is good!

ASMR Dunkin Donuts Bacon Egg Muffin, Hot Dog, Boba bubble tea Mukbang 던킨 도너츠 에그머핀, 핫도그 ,버블티 먹방 리얼사운드

Hello. You are always Welcome :>(PPASASAK ASMR) please. Like & subscribe Today is ” Dunkin Donuts Bacon Egg English Muffin, Brioche Hot Dog, Beef Chili Hot Dog, Black Bubble Latte ” Mukbang & ASMR Let’s eat! Beef Chili Hot Dog WoW~~ It’s delicious is so juicy Black Bubble Latte (Boba Continue Reading


– Bubble tea, bubble tea, bubble tea, bubble tea. Hi guys. Hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello. How are you all doing today? I hope you’re doing really, really, really well. So, in today’s video, we have all matcha foods and we’re frickin’ excited about it, so. Before we Continue Reading


Hello! ★ Today I prepared a variety of chocolate desserts!I added tapioca pearls to ice chocolate! So full of pearls!Really soft and delicious taste ☆ (delicious!)It melts in the mouth ☆Winnie the Muffins! Head first !?Very familiar taste★It’s really soft and delicious!Crispy Cookies ★ Which dessert do you like best Continue Reading

Korean Rice Cake & Tea Mukbang 나도님의 너도나도 떡 3가지 먹방

Hello everyone. I’m Donggu.❤️ Today’s menu is rice cake, a traditional Korean dessert. There are so many different kinds of rice cakes in Korea. Today I prepared three flavors of rice cake. vanilla, melon, and chocolate. The shape of the rice cake is Korean traditional rice cake, but it tastes Continue Reading

ASMR GREEN FOOD(날치알, 공차 밀크티, 베라 아이스크림, 마카롱) 리얼사운드 먹방 노토킹 | *NoTalking MUKPPO Eating Show mukbang

Hi everyone! I’m MUKPPO~^^ please subscribe and click the likes button ♥ I’ll try to eat ‘green food party’ today. First, I’ll have some green tea flavor bubble tea! The tapioca pearl inside is really delicious. I like bubble tea. Now I’m going to eat the flying fish roe This Continue Reading

ASMR Eating GREEN TEA (Chocolate, Marshmallow, Cake Pop, Cookies) UK Gentle Whispering, mukbang먹방

Hello👋🏽 I have been waiting for you we are going to enjoy some green sweets green marshmallows green jelly green crunchy pop sweet green tea chocolate KitKat green oreo mint Oreo cookies one of my favourite treats cake pop with a nice green smoothie juice let’s tuck in. the first Continue Reading