Decent Espresso] 2019 Cafeshow Seoul Demo Simulation EP.2

Decent Espresso] 2019 Cafeshow Seoul Demo Simulation EP.1


Relax with Cute dutch cube latte | Working at Korean cafe vlog in AYA Coffee

Eeek Hi guys💕 Isn’t this drink so cuuuuute??? This is called Dutch cube latte, Made with ice coffee cube And milke! Isn’t AYA owner’s cup taste also so cute??? YUPPP This must be thumbnail of this vid Oops I almost forgot. Btw! Today I’m here with AYA coffee>.

[홈카페 : 에스프레소 추출하기!! Espresso by La Pavoni Lever machine]

Hello, This is Jeongmok. Espresso is a very strong Italian coffee In a short time with high pressure It is characterized by brewing coffee About the etymology of espresso Express means to extract quickly. It means “fast” ‘Only for you’ It also means Plz Subscribe and like 🙂 Have a Continue Reading

이탈리아 사람들은 모카포트 이렇게 씁니다

Hi, I’m Claudia from Italy. Hi, i’m Stefy from Italy. Hi, I’m Julia from Italy again. To keep the promise I made last time, We are back in Sugarful. and we added one person(laguh) Moka pot looks complicated but it’s not hard. We’ll show you how to use it with Continue Reading

Doppio (Double Espresso) – Introducing type of Coffee

Doppio! pour two shots of nice espresso pour first shot into doppio cup pour second shot into doppio cup place the shot on saucer Double it up! Espresso times 2

SUB) 머신없이 우유거품 만드는 4가지 방법

how to make a milk foam without a machine Hello, everybody. I sometimes enjoy latte like this at home. I just put coffee in my milk, and sometimes I feel a little sad. You need a foam like this, so you can enjoy the soft latte. But there’s no machine Continue Reading

할리스커피 창업 분석 소비자만족도 1위, 원두커피의 원조 할리스커피 매출 공개

released by the Korea Consumer Agency in December 2019. A Study on the Consumer Satisfaction of Coffee Shop There was a result. Countless brands representing South Korea a coffee brand that proudly tops the list. There’s a Today’s main character, Halis Coffee. It is. Korea’s First Wonderful Coffee Professional Franchise Continue Reading

[ENG] cafe vlog #10 카페 브이로그 | 개인카페 사장, 알바의 일상|아인슈페너|NO BGM|most popular cafe drinks in korea