ENG) 얼그레이 티 쿠키 l Earl Gray Tea Cookies 홍차의 향을 듬뿍 담아! [만개의레시피]

Earl Gray Icebox Cookies [Preparing the tool] Ball, sieve, rubber spatula, scraper, heritage paper, knife, cutting board, cooling net [Preparing in advance] 1. Put butter and eggs at room temperature. 2. Preheat oven to 170 degrees. 3. The force is sifted. Put the soft butter at room temperature into a Continue Reading

Christmas wreath green tea cookies 크리스마스 리스 녹차 쿠키 / Matcha / 緑茶 / ノクチャ クッキー

Melt chocolate over hot water Decorate with chopped nuts and cranberry

[jpnsub]녹차 갸또 쇼콜라 만들기 :緑茶ガトーショコラ :Green Tea gateau au chocola [한밤의 빵집 Hanbam’s bakery]