16th Birthday Party🎂🎉🎁 | Afternoon tea🍰☕ | อาหารจีนสุดหรู🥢🥟🥮 | ENG SUB

Hello! Hello, everyone, it’s Jane again Today, I’m going to celebrate my birthday but actually, my birthday was yesterday. Now I’m at HY Tea Lounge It’s behind a waterfall and it looks so fancy I come here with my friends to drink afternoon tea Let’s go inside I just came Continue Reading

Polymer Clay 1 to 144 – Coffee Table

Miniature 1 to 12 – Idea For A Coffee Table

[Music] here is a very quick craft for your dollhouse this is one of those slices of these pretty pretty rocks you can buy in all stone shops and some hobby stores even have them but these are so so pretty and they will make a great coffee table for Continue Reading

Coffee Table With Resin

[Music] I’m going to make a coffee table for one to twelve and for that I have a piece of wood from an orange box and I’m going to use this side for some resin so I’m going to draw my pattern on the backside and remember when you draw Continue Reading