Japan in 2020: Creating Demand in a Mature Economy

As we welcome 2020, the global spotlight will be on Japan as host of the Summer Olympic Games. This is a pivotal time for Japan as the country confronts a variety of economic challenges. It is also a great opportunity for Japan to offer lessons to the rest of the Continue Reading


all right let’s do this playlists come huffing it wait that’s not the right one there’s gonna be weird we’re gonna be pretty much this far apart when we live together but like well I justit’s ever heard she did quite have to be in the same party because we Continue Reading

Giant ROYAL WEDDING at Haunted HACKER Mansion! (Spending 24 hours Rebecca vs Best Friend Challenge)

PRODUCTIVE DAY IN MY LIFE VLOG: cleaning apartment, college essay, running errands | Zoe Maya

Good morning guys and welcome back to another video Today is January 26 and it is a Sunday and today I have a lot of things planned It’s gonna be a super productive day. So I thought I’d take you guys along in this day in my life It’s about Continue Reading

New Amsterdam Day One: Ep. 6 – Cold Coffee (Digital Series)

Belgrade: New Year’s walk in the Serbian capital

Hello friends. Today is…which day of my trip Well, I started it in May Yes, and now what time has passed, and I still traveling around Europe Yesterday I stopped in the sixteenth country in a row. This country is called Serbia, the city Belgrade. Nice name, right? To me Continue Reading

Responding to your unpopular kpop opinions (drowning and choking in this tea)

yes I am using the robot voice don’t fluffing come for me or I swear to God I will come for you now for the meme of the day today I’ll be responding to your unpopular kpop opinions I got a lot more than I expected so bear with me Continue Reading

Health tonics to add caffeine content, warning on labels from 2020

now so-called health tonics sold in South Korea must change their labels to show caffeine content and warnings starting from the second half of 2020 the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety says health tonics with caffeine must have contains caffeine and people under age 15 must not consume written Continue Reading

7 Useful Coffee Gadgets For Every Coffee Lover (2020)

hey kickstarter gold story is back this time we are going to keep your brewing experience from here to right about here two years ago we brought you one-of-a-kind coffee mug the code mug thanks to you before even deeper in love with coffee and rediscover that manual technique in Continue Reading