XXL Run-Through Challenge | Espresso Workouts Foundation (4K)

Intro hello espresso workouters and welcome to the no wasting time workout routine this time XXL Super Run-down so you starting straight away in a wide stance warming up with a wide squat feet are double hip distance apart and you’re now squatting in between your legs still shifting the Continue Reading


Master Google says: “constiveness”, so I’ll give you these and another cough syrup, it’s so delicious, I sometimes use it without having anything. You know what? Just take both and try which one’s better. And the other one goes as A GIFT. Oh, you want another package for your son? Continue Reading

Get Ready To Jump | Espresso Workouts Cardio #1 (4K)

let’s start with a sunny and bright walnuts we’re gonna start very gentle but we’re gonna finish strong so come your feet hip-width apart feet parallel pointing forwards we’re gonna do a full stretch variation so you’re gonna bend your knees first rounding your back then stretch your leg really Continue Reading

Kanou Shoujuan Sunai no Sato Tea Ceremony – Shiga – 叶匠寿庵 寿長生の郷

Located in the suburbs of Otsu, Shiga prefecture capital city, Kanou Shoujuan Sunai no Sato is a longstanding Japanese style confectioner famous all across Japan. While people visiting Kanou Shoujuan Sunai no Sato can shop for some of the best Japanese sweet, it is also possible there to participate in Continue Reading


Good morning guys! We are leaving the city of Ipoh today and we wanted to take a bus to Cameron Highlands. The bus is like 20 MYR a person but the bus stations is like 12 or 13 kilometers away from here and we were sleeping just next to the Continue Reading

Obuchi Sasaba : Mt. Fuji and Green Tea fields – Shizuoka – 大淵笹場 : 茶畑と富士山 – 4K Ultra HD

Obuchi Sasaba is one of the most famous green tea fields in the world. Thanks to its unique scenery, Obuchi Sasaba attracts millions of visitors every year and also happens to be the location of choice for many TV, movie, and the advertising crews. Indeed, the gorgeous tea fields, it’s Continue Reading

⁴ᵏ About The Starbucks Coffee Cup In Game Of Thrones Scene Season 8 Episode 4

in Monday’s latest episode of Game of Thrones there was as a celebratory feast in Winterfell happened to include a distinctly modern takeaway coffee cup among all the metal goblets of wine clearly visible on a table in front of Daenerys Targaryen just before the 17:40 mark it was on Continue Reading

JetBoil Flash & Coffee Press – How To Use It? | 4K

Hey Everyone, In this video you’ll learn how to use the Jetboil Flash with a coffee press. Ok, first you take your stand and set it up. Then you take the stove portion of the Jetboil and you flip out this little controller. You take off the fuel. Then you Continue Reading