DIY Acne cubes | Dark Circle Cubes | Green tea Ice Cubes | Skincare| Clean Skin | Ayushi Jain Bansal

Hello and Welcome Back to my Channel So To make Acne cubes we will be needing Green Tea Leaves You can use Green Tea Bags Also That is not a problem Then we will take 1 and a half cup drinking water and a ice Cube Tray, I have 12 Continue Reading

Benzoyl Peroxide vs Tea Tree Oil for Acne

“Benzoyl Peroxide vs. Tea Tree Oil for Acne” Acne remains one of the commonest diseases to afflict humanity. If you do online surveys, tea tree oil appears to be the second most commonly used topical treatment after benzoyl peroxide. Though crowdsourcing may be a “novel research method for evaluation of Continue Reading

Everyday Mask | Green Tea Mask | Dry skin, oily skin, aging skin

hello guys welcome to my channel we’re going to make green tea masks today in case you wanna know where I got this green tea I’ll leave it in the description box down below you need 1 tbsp of yogurt and 1 tsp of green tea mix them together to Continue Reading

Amazing Benefits of Matcha Green Tea for Your Skin Beauty | 3 DIY Face Masks

Matcha! Matcha! Matcha! so you probably seen a bunch of cute little cafes popping up everywhere around wherever you guys are I’m in New York City and those places like Matcha bar, Chailait there’s Cha Cha Matcha and like every other cafe just seems to sell something that’s matcha flavored Continue Reading

ENG[The Show] ‘sensitive skin care with green tea pack!’ [더쇼] ep.07 5부 “뾰루지, 녹차팩으로 피부진정 후 립 메컵부터? “

It’s called pimple-shield makeup. The first artist Beau-word is…! You can make this easily. It’s magic! Raise yourself up, ladies! This is the time! It begins now! The Bible of Beauty! It’s Bea-ward Time! We have been talking about the skin troubles. We have Mr. Ham Gyeong Sik for the Continue Reading

99% of Us Keep Using Sticky Notes Wrong

Are you always on the lookout for things that can make your life a little easier? Then hey — you’re in the right place. Removing splinters with the help of glue? No problem! Lighting candles with spaghetti? Done! How about using dental floss for slicing cheese? Check! (Wow I feel Continue Reading

i try BTS Cold Brew Coffee?! stAY wOKe!

hey it’s a welcome cooking show except today it’s not a cooking show we are trying out bps coughing okay well technically it’s just just hear me out okay today’s video is sponsored by Korean chuckles cold brew yeah Thank You TJ thanks for listening Linda so this coffee is Continue Reading