TSL Plays: Reverse Charades

– Rapunzel! No, no… that… freak! – Cinderella. That one! The curly curly orange hair! What’s her name?! Hi guys, welcome to another episode of TSL Plays. Today, we are playing Reverse Charades. Here are the rules. We are The Bloopers. Bloop bloop bloop bloop. We are the humans in Continue Reading

Coffee, Tea or Me? [Japanese Voice Acting Practice]

مرحبا سيدي اتريد القهوه او شاي او… انا؟ شاي من فضلك ام سيدي هل سمعتني؟ لقد سالت اذا انت تريد القهوه او شاي او.. انا؟ وانا قلت شاي من فضلك.” اخترني”! …لكن انا اريد شاي. هل تكرهني سيدي؟ لا,انا فقط اريد شاي. انا امر فقط بيوم سيء وانت بسببك اصبح Continue Reading

#EmptyCupAwards: Why Do Characters Always Drink From Empty Cups?

Did you just take a sip from an empty cup? Yes. Why did you do that? Just something to do. We know television is fake. We know that when characters are walking down the street in “New York,” they could very well be on a backlot in Los Angeles and Continue Reading