How To Break Caffeine Addiction

Kick Caffeine Addiction For Energy And Health hey my friend health guru Mike here with a quick video on how to break caffeine addiction now breaking caffeine addiction it’s definitely in your best interest and I’ll cover why that is just very quickly but then in the meat of this Continue Reading

Caffeine Challenge – 1 Month Without any Caffeine

G’day, it’s Rowan from Your Life Designed. In this clip I want to share with you what I’ve found from having a month without any caffeine. No coffee, no tea, no energy drinks, no colas. The reason I want to share it is because reflecting on the month I learnt Continue Reading

People Give Up Caffeine For A Week

– I can’t drink green tea, but I can put the tea bags on my eyes. (upbeat music) (sobbing) – I drink some form of caffeine every day. – I’m pretty aware of how I can’t function without caffeine. So this is it, this is my last one. – I Continue Reading


[high-speed] By now we’ve gotten to know each other. You may have noticed I’m kinda high energy guy. I can be [loudly] loud. I’ve been known to talk a little too fast. I really excited about nerdy things And you’re probably thinking to yourself “Ah, that Hank, he must have Continue Reading

What Caffeine Does To Your Brain And Body

Brainy Dose Presents: What Caffeine Does To Your Brain And Body Caffeine is the most widely used stimulant on the planet. It’s cheap and easily accessible – available in natural sources, such as: coffee, tea and cocoa; as well as an additive: in sodas, energy drinks, medications, weight-loss pills and Continue Reading

Trying Caffeine Water…Bad Idea?

Quit Caffeine With This 4 Step 2 Week Taper

What’s going on everyone my name is Justin your friendly neighborhood personal trainer and health coach and in today’s video I’m gonna give you four simple steps to forever abolish your caffeine dependence. Using caffeine does have benefits in enhancing athletic performance, however, caffeine does have many downsides that can Continue Reading

Tea n’ Take Episode 14: Trauma Recovery and Ayurveda

(upbeat music) – Welcome everyone to this episode of Tea N’ Take. I am Dr. Pragya Jamie Marich. – And I’m Dr. Satyavani Gayatri. – And we’re back at the scene of the crime, that is where we first met and where the first episodes of “Tea N’ Take” were Continue Reading

Green Tea Holic Dog | Kritter Klub

(Welcome to the green tea field) It comes to greet people whenever it hears the car engine (Follow me) (I’m your tour guide) We can see the green tea field if we follow that dog (What’s the holdup?) (Waiting for the little girl to tie her shoes) (A+ manners) A Continue Reading

Caffeine is a psychoactive, but is it addictive?

Coffee is such a powerful stimulant, even the smell of it can wake you up. Most of the world drinks coffee, or consumes caffeine in other forms like tea, cocoa, or mate. It’s the world’s most consumed mind-altering drug. So, is it dangerous? People have been asking this for hundreds Continue Reading