Hi, coffee lovers ! Welcome back to Otten Vlog Channel ! And this time, There is one of MiniPresso’s relation that joined me today. That is NanoPresso ! This is the latest product from WACACO. As you can see, how is the shaped of NanoPresso ? And how to use Continue Reading

Nomad Espresso Maker – Perfect Crema

Hallo, coffee lovers ! Welcome back to Otten Vlog’s Channel ! Welcome back again, with me Bernice ! This time, we will discuss something, exactly on my in front, looks like a clothes iron. But, actually it is not ! This is a Nomad. Nomad is a manual espresso maker. Continue Reading

Review Cafflano Kompresso – Portable Espresso Maker

Hallo, coffee lovers ! Welcome back to Otten Vlog’s Channel ! In this time, I have a new family member from Cafflano. I’ve ever discussed about Cafflano Klassic and Cafflano Kompact. And right now, this is a new baby from Cafflano. That’s Cafflano Kompresso ! As we heard from the Continue Reading

Alat kopi sekecil ini bisa membuat fine espresso! [MINIPRESSO]

For those who like you camping or picnic or to hangout anywhere. And for those who can’t leave espresso or coffee, I have a small exciting equipment to take any where which is very practical. As you can see in my in front, have tiny body that looks like a Continue Reading