How to Make the Single Americano : How to Choose Espresso Beans for a Single Americano

CLANCY ROSE: All right. So now that you know everything that you have to have to assemble the single Americano, we’re going to talk about the main ingredient in the single Americano which would be the beans that we’re using for the espresso shot. One of the most common misconceptions Continue Reading

Does Caffeine Really Boost Your Productivity? | Fast Company

– [Max] Americans consume roughly 400 million cups of coffee every day. But does all that caffeine really improve productivity or is it all in our minds? To find out, I asked James, Victoria, Marcus, and KC to do a blind coffee study. (quiet rock music) – Max sent me Continue Reading

How to Make the Single Americano : How to Tamp an Espresso Machine Basket for a Single Americano

CLANCY ROSE: So the next thing I am going to do is tamp it in my espresso tamper. I do my tamp in two motions. First, kind of–just kind of settle it in there kind of get a nice, flat surface even, and then gently tap the side of the Continue Reading

Espresso Coffee Drink Recipes : Making An Americano Espresso Drink

Hi, I’m Ashley on behalf of Expert Village I’m going to show you how to make an Americano. An Americano is just shots of espresso and hot water. So, an Americano is similar to a fresh brewed coffee it’s just shots of espresso and water. There you go, perfect shots, Continue Reading

Espresso Tarifi – Barista Volkan Özdağ

First, I will make you espresso today. The equipment I need to make espresso are portafilter, temper, espresso machine, And espresso mill. The seed we have used is the two types of South Africa that our own brand has blended. So, you will be able to have an intense and Continue Reading

How to Make the Single Americano : How to Use an Espresso Machine for a Single Americano

CLANCY ROSE: And so now we’re going to talk about your home espresso machine. This is an example of one home espresso machine. Right here you got your porta filter, porta filter basket, group head and your steam wand – and that’s how you turn it on – and a Continue Reading

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Nespresso Essenza Plus – Cup size programming

This tutorial will guide you through the cup size programming with your Nespresso Essenza Plus machine. Your Essenza Plus machine is preprogrammed to obtain the best in-cup result. In order to get as close as possible to your personal expectations, you can reprogram the volume of your coffee according to Continue Reading