Wacaco Minipresso Portable Espresso Machine Review

ok hello everybody, with 2 fair info will be showing you more of the product reviews because every so often we find something really cool and that’s one of the few things which i absolutely love so what this does it does very very good espresso coffee, I got it Continue Reading

Scripture on Cowboy’s Coffee Cup Makes the Difference

So driving to Preston, Idaho this year It was right after middle of July middle of the summer a lot of rodeos to go No sleep. Wake up the next morning get a coffee cup, it’s got a verse on it that says be strong and don’t give up, for Continue Reading

HOW TO MAKE CHOCOLATE AT HOME bean to bar Ann Reardon

Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon today I am really excited about this video I am going to show you how to make chocolate all the way from the cocoa beans to the bar. Now if you can’t get hold of cocoa beans I’ll also show Continue Reading

Stereotype world: THE MIDDLE EAST SPEAKS UP! #CreatorsForChange

Do you know what i freaking hate? This This is a beautifully crafted and measured Lie They get you from really, early on Now this right here is how they want the whole world To view us Watch this Ladies and gentlemen Welcome, to the stereotype world Stereotype world Stereotype Continue Reading

Coffee Maker|Top Best Affordable Coffee Makers| 2019

Coffee Maker for more than 50 years Tecna forum has successfully combined the best innovations of modern product development and design to bring the real taste of coffee to millions of people worldwide via their mocha master coffee brewers providing the perfect cup comes from the design of our Brewers Continue Reading

Starbucks At Home Coffee – Kareem

Making coffee at home for the people I love makes me very happy. It’s a craft. I love to use my French press. What I normally drink is a medium roast, I particularly enjoy House Blend; it’s rich, lively. And there’s Pike Place, it’s really smooth and balanced. My fiancé Continue Reading


just got here hello hi hey can you have just like a regular black coffee think it is that’s it Hey [Music] so we’re gonna be using today coffee like a regular black coffee and it’s gonna smell nice and after that you can take vanilla pure vanilla from your Continue Reading

Recycle Your Coffee Cup

Hey, welcome to my potting bench. I am Shawna Coronado from Gardening Nude. Today, I have a coffee cup challenge for you. Are you ready? The coffee cup challenge is all about reducing, reusing, and recycling. A certain chain wastes 2.3 billion coffee cups every year. That is right – Continue Reading

How to Estimate Profitability in Coffee Roasting

Hi everyone. Here’s a tutorial guide on how to use my roasting calculator. Now I made this in Google sheets and so whenever you’d like to use it just hit file and then “make a copy”, so you can make a copy into your own inbox or download it and Continue Reading

Woodworking Project 001 : CD Storage Holder

Hello and welcome to Woodworking with Edward Short, The Hoosier Craftsman and I have a fun little project lined up for today and that is building a CD Rack that mounts to the wall. Now I have built plenty of Cd Racks and towers to hold anywhere from 20 to Continue Reading