can I get more ice you please just get back instead of doing an outfit video this week I wanted to do something that one of my longtime followers requested which was a handbag review the longest time I just thought like oh I just need a few handbags all Continue Reading

Tea Towel Tote Bag – How to – Easy DIY Project, sewing tutorial

My girlfriend got those teatowels from the Netherlands. She said, that’s a nice fabric. Can you not make a bag out of it? So I said, yeah, that’s an easy project. Let’s make a bag out of this towel. For this project of course we need a tea towel, a Continue Reading

Tea Storage Solution ~ Home Keeping ~ Storage Solutions ~ Kitchen Organization ~ Noreen’s Kitchen

I Have a question for you, are you a self-professed tea lover like I am Me and both of the girls really enjoy tea We drink tea all year whether it’s iced tea herb tea flavored tea Whatever you end up collecting so many boxes of tea When they’re on Continue Reading

GADGET NEWS !!! High Speed Cold Brew Coffee Machine

coffee drinkers searching for a quick way to cold brew coffee maybe interested in a new high-speed cold brew coffee machine created by sonic Dutch the coffee machine takes just five minutes to brew a cold coffee thanks to the inclusion of innovative technology called sonic vibration sonic Dutch has Continue Reading

Why Coffee Bags Have Holes and Valves- What is the hole in the coffee bag?

why coffee bags have holes valves vents packages best way to store coffee degas coffee prevent stale coffee make coffee last longer degassing hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper we know that air is an enemy of storing coffee long term why then is there a little hole valve vent in Continue Reading

DIY Tea Advent Calendar

Hi guys, Today I’m gonna show you how to make a DIY advent calendar. You will need 12 sheets of coloured paper, a hole puncher, some kind of string to make hangers, a cord lace where you hang your calendar, a ruler and a glue, some tape, scissors, at least Continue Reading

Exploding Tea Party Protester Threatens Interviewer

so you want to end all government health care? I think government should stay away from anything have to do with health care we don’t believe in socialized medicine but I myself a veteran that realize American dream because my hard work and three jobs I like to take the Continue Reading