सही तरीका Whipped Cream बनाने का – 3 Kids Dessert Recipes | #ShrutiArjunAnand #CookWithNisha

so we’ve brought for you a sweet video do SUBSCRIBE and make others to Subscribe to CookWithNisha to reach 1M soon she is my sister-in-law today we together make the recipes she is Kitchen Expert she is beauty expert so I am gonna to make the recipes & she is Continue Reading

Fruity Berry Cake | Bakery | เค้กผลไม้

Fruity Berry Cake Egg yolks 8 Sugar 160 g Cake flour 200 g Salt Baking powder 2 tsp Oil 100 g Water 150 g Egg whites 8 Sugar 100 g Bake at 180 c Top and Bottom Heat around 15 minutes Whipped Cream 250 g Strawberry Kiwi Blueberry 6-8 serve

Matcha Green Tea No-Bake Cheesecake | Bakery | ชีสเค้กชาเขียว

Matcha Green Tea No-Bake Cheesecake Green tea powder 16 g Hot water 5 tbsp Oreo 70 g Butter 25 g Cream cheese 200 g Sugar 90 g Whipped Cream 200 g Chill in Refrigerator for 4-5 Hour. Whipped Cream 200 g Icing sugar 20 g Green tea powder Chill in Continue Reading

Mint Choc Chip Cupcakes | Cupcake Jemma

Hello, and welcome back to my kitchen I’m back to do a recipe for you. Last week I did the “Ask me anything” answers. So if you haven’t check that out I’ll put a link to that in the description box below and you can go and have a watch Continue Reading

chocolate coffee cake 巧克力咖啡蛋糕(无面粉) gâteau au café au chocolatSchokoladen-Kaffee-Kuchen チョコレートコーヒーケーキ

Chocolate coffee cake (without flour) First step chocolate cake (without flour) 85g butter 100g dark chocolate 60 ° C hot water Heated by water for three minutes well mixed 6 eggs, separating egg yolks and egg whites Add 20g sugar to the egg yolk, 6g cocoa powder Stir well Pour Continue Reading

[jpnsub]녹차 갸또 쇼콜라 만들기 :緑茶ガトーショコラ :Green Tea gateau au chocola [한밤의 빵집 Hanbam’s bakery]

[Eng Sub]Matcha mousse cake 我Amanda带着既美又作的抹茶甜点又来了!【曼食慢语】*4K

Hello everyone, I’m Amanda Today, we are making a gradient matcha mousse cake There’s not much else to say about this cake Only one word is enough Beautiful! Sometimes I will want to make something That’s appearance can be admired To me it’s like a work of art Of course, Continue Reading