[REVIEW] PUCK PUCK Cold Drip Coffee

Hello, coffee lovers ! Welcome back to Otten’s Youtube Channel ! There is something special in this edition. I will brew coffee with ice. Mostly nowadays, the weather is hot. That’s why we need some iced for more freshness. Something unique with this brewing equipment. I will brew cold drip. Continue Reading

Nespresso Barista – How to prepare cold recipes

This tutorial will guide you through the preparation of a cold recipe with your Nespresso Barista. Before you start, ensure that the jug, the whisk and the lid are cleaned. Make sure the jug is dry before you put it on the power base. Place all the parts as shown. Continue Reading

How To Make Cold Brew Coffee With Rob Dunne

Making espresso for the first time – La Specialista EC 9335.M

Let’s place some fresh coffee beans into the hopper. I’m using a nice medium roast. Remember, never remove the container while there are beans inside. Here, I’m going to set the dial for two espresso’s. You can do the same for a single dose too. The filters have a line Continue Reading

ECM-S Automatik 64 Espresso Grinder Setup

hi I’m Victoria from Clive coffee and today we’re going to be showing you how to set up your new ECM S-automatik 64 espresso grinder let’s get started step one out of the box and onto the counter remove the grinder from its box and place it on a solid Continue Reading

How to Make the Double Americano : How to Choose Coffee Beans for a Double Americano

CLANCY ROSE: So now we’re going to talk about–one of the first things that’s going into the Double Americano, which is the espresso beans. One of the common misconceptions about espresso roast is that for espresso coffee, it’s roasted darker than for a normal cup of coffee, which isn’t necessarily Continue Reading

How to Make the Double Espresso : How to Choose Coffee Beans for a Double Espresso

CLANCY ROSE: Alrighty, so now that you know all the different things that you need to–for–to prepare an espresso, we are going to talk about two other things that go into preparing an espresso and that is the grinder and the beans. First of all the beans, one of the Continue Reading

Coffee with Blog

using me and but it’s morning today Twitter’s Romney let’s say that and learn to voice restrictions destroying vlogging about offering the guy you like this video I hope you it’s off till then enjoy that my own media my first video about my orchestrations I’m gonna show you my Continue Reading