How to Make the Single Macchiatto : How to Choose Espresso Beans for a Single Macchiato

CLANCY ROSE: So, the first thing that I’m going to talk about is the first thing that goes into the drink, which is the beans that you’re going to use for the espresso, for the beverage. One of the most common misconceptions about espresso roast is that coffee is roasted Continue Reading

Monkey Doo Doesn’t Like Eating Beans Sweet Gruel Made By Mom

Hello, our dear friends These are big red beans Wash the beans Boiled briefly the beans Take the beans out Peel the beans The skin of the beans is acrid, inedible Put the beans in the cooking pan until the beans are soft The beans are soft Mom gets some Continue Reading

Mr. Bean | Episode 1 | Mr. Bean Official

**MUSIC** **MORE MUSIC** Done your revision…? Oh YES… I’ve concentrated on Trigonometry… I- I- I’ve done Calculus mainly… Oh…? I believe they concentrated on Calculus last year… Oh… Oh, dear… *Mr. Bean grinning under his nose* Quiet ladies & gentlemen, please… The exam will commence in 2 minutes… Ladies & Continue Reading

🐒Baby Monkey | Mom cooked mung bean tea and pumpkin for Moon

Monkey Moon eat bean tea

Mr. Bean in Room 426 | Episode 8 | Mr. Bean Official

♫ Ecce homo qui est faba ♫ ♫ Ecce homo qui est faba ♫ MR. BEAN IN ROOM 426 Thief!!! Uh…Bean Ah, yes. Would you like a pen, Sir? Can I move your car, Sir? Good morning….if you’d like to check-in, Sir? Good morning….if you’d like to check-in, Sir? Good Continue Reading

How to Make the Double Vanilla Latte : How to Grind Coffee Beans for a Double Vanilla Latte

CLANCY ROSE: So now we’re going to go into your espresso grinders that you use to grind your beans. Right here I have one example of a home espresso grinder, and how it works is you have your hopper here where you throw your beans into. It drops down into Continue Reading