Oreo Cold Coffee | ओरिओ कोल्ड कॉफ़ी

Hello friends! Welcome to rashmichahar.com We are using chocolaty biscuits to make cold coffee today I have used Oreo biscuits here Lets start this recipe For cold coffee, we have taken 1 glass full cream chilled milk Chocolate for garnishing, 2 tsp coffee powder of any brand 1 tsp sugar Continue Reading

Chai Time Comedy with Kenny Sebastian : 10 Biscuits You Have With Tea!

So, I thought I will do something fun. What do you like drinking… what do you like eating with tea? What’s your favourite thing to eat? – Biscuits. Biscuits? – Yeah? Okay. That’s normal. Awesome. Toast. One guy’s like toast, bro? Toast? What kind of toast? Normal toast? Cheese toast? Continue Reading

Chai Time Comedy with Kenny Sebastian – Flirting, Coffee & First Dates

I think coffee date is the worst way to meet someone. Because you can’t just take one sip and be like, “Hey, you know what, I hate you.” And you can’t leave. It’s actually a self imposed jail. It’s a very bad idea. Also, problem is if you come early, Continue Reading

Giant Custard Cream

– [Barry] See if you get my joke. I’m taking you into custard-y. Hello everybody, I hope you’re well. Today we are doing one of the most requested giant foods ever. And it’s a nostalgic British treat. This is a packet, or was a packet of Custard Cream biscuits. Probably Continue Reading