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Thai Matcha Green Tea Latte with Brown Sugar Boba Bubble Recipe

Hi guys, today we’re going to do the delicious brown sugar boba green tea. It tastes great, looks great and also, it’s fun to make. So, let’s go make it. If you want to learn how to make more authentic Thai recipes, click the subscribe button and the little bell Continue Reading

Tapioca Pearls Recipe & How To Make Bubble Tea – タピオカミルクティの作り方

Tapioca Pearls Recipe & How To Make Bubble Tea 125g Tapioca starch (タピオカ澱粉) 10g Cocoa powder (ココアパウダー) 75ml Water (水) 60g Brown sugar (黒砂糖) 5-7mm Tapioca starch タピオカ澱粉 Medium heat 15 minutes 中火15分 Wait for 20 minutes 20分待つ Water 水 35g Brown sugar (黒砂糖) 80ml Water (水) Low heat 2 Continue Reading

Where Did Bubble Tea Come From?

Boba. It’s taken the world by storm. This is exciting. Cheers. Two men on a mission to make better boba, which is milk tea with tapioca pearls. But what exactly is boba, and what’s with all the hype? Invented in the ‘80s, boba is a popular beverage that originates from Continue Reading

Hired or Fired: Bubble Tearista For A Day

Hi everyone, I’m Xenia and welcome to another episode of Hired or Fired. Today is a very exciting episode because I’m going to be a bubble tearista for a day! Bubble tea is like water to me… I drink it every other day. So it’s no big deal. Plus… Bubble Continue Reading


Bismillah … this is Thai tea. Fresh… The taste of chocco milo. The bubble is quite a lot. I love the choco milo. Don’t forget to like and subscribe … Taste of cappuccino. Bye … please subscribe 😚😊

Homemade Brown Sugar Boba ala Xing Fu Tang | Resep Bubble Tea Kenyal!!

Homemade Brown Sugar Boba ala Xing Fu Tang | Delicious & Chewy Boba Recipe Brown Sugar Boba is one of the drinks that is a hit and had gone viral lately in Indonesia one of them that is quite popular is Xing Fu Tang a drink from Taiwan Just to Continue Reading

How Bubble Tea Is Made (Boba Tea/Pearl Tea) – Xiaxue’s Guide To Life: EP219

Hey guys, welcome back to Xiaxue’s Guide To Life, I’m finally back and today I’m going to be doing an episode on bubble tea so I’m here at Playmade and I’m going to be learning about how bubble tea is made, how pearls are made, everything about bubble tea basically Continue Reading