5 Star Wars Coffee Table Books | Quiller Recommendations [CC]

Hello quillers! Today I have five recommendations for Star Wars books that are fun to dip into and enjoy, or even set out on a coffee table to ignite conversation with fellow Star Wars fans. Number five is technically six books. I already surpassed my number of books. But it’s Continue Reading

Crested Butte Travel Guide: Rumors Coffee Shop & Townie Books 1080 HD

that you joining this is Josh with Travel Crested Butte. I’m here with Arvin Ram from rumors coffee shop and Townie bookstore where we are right now thanks for joining us. Yeah thanks for having me. Our pleasure I so why a bookstore in Crested Butte? I am I think Continue Reading

Writing Vlog #9 | Coffee Shops and Procrastination [CC]

Hello lovely humans! It is Molly from Molly Reads and Writes and I thought I would do a little bit of a coffee shop writing vlog for you. [Music] My cat is in desperate need of attention. Desperate. Before I pack everything up I figured I would show you what Continue Reading

New Living Room Moving & Storage Tips : New Living Room Coffee Table Placement

My name is Abby Jones and I’m talking about things that can make the process of moving into your new apartment easy and efficient. And, right now we’re talking about placing furniture, and specifically placing furniture in your living room. So, one piece of furniture that a lot of people Continue Reading

Coffee Table Books You Need Now

Wallace here, contributing editor at Book Riot with your Monday video. Today I’m talking about 3 table coffee books. The first one is called Practically Posh, which is a pretty cheesy name. I’ve had this book for so long. But it’s really fun. It has tips on like entertaining, home Continue Reading

On the Coffee Table & in the Bathroom: Unique Books for the Whole Family!

Perfect for bathrooms, coffee tables and bookshelves everywhere… This is a very thick, very awesome book – Full of comparisons sizing up the world all around us! It measures and compares a wide variety of different subjects – For example: The amount of water in the ocean, the deadliest creatures, Continue Reading