– Nikolay, here is your tea! – Olenka, you have such a wonderful voice, why don’t you sing? – And what to sing? GOLD BOWL GOLLLLDDDDDDD FILLS WITH TEA AROОООMМММAАААА HOUSE IN WHICH HAPPINESS IS LIVIIIINNNNGGGGG GOLD BOWL GOLLLLDDDDDDD This is my beloved, Golden Cup!

How to wipe the tea bowl

This is Kohei. How to wipe the tea bowl. Hold the tea bowl with your left hand. Pick up chakin (linen cloth) with the right hand. Hold the folded part of chakin and put it in the bottom of the bowl. Take the bulged part and hang chakin on the Continue Reading

Coffee Expert Reviews Pumpkin Spice Lattes

It’s kind of fall so today we will be reviewing the pumpkin spice latte. America’s long tradition of combining sugar and artificial flavors. Oh, yea. Super orange. The aroma you really do get nutmeg. And I love nutmeg. It might be a prison drug, but I don’t look down on Continue Reading