TOP 10 Best Foods to Boost Your Brain and Memory

Hi everyone! How are you? Welcome to the Hi Fitness Bye Weakness channel! Today I’m gonna show you 10 Best Foods to Boost Your Brain and Memory. So stay tuned guys because in a moment, you will receive a quick dose of incredibly useful knowledge. Your brain is kind of Continue Reading

What is Caffeine? and What Effects Does it Hold?

Lots of foods and drinks in our everyday lives contain caffeine. It’s a drug that can be used to help you perform better in training and racing, if used correctly of course. Caffeine is without a doubt one of the world’s most popular and commonly consumed drugs. When we think Continue Reading

What Has No Brain, 720 Sexes, And the Ability To Self-Heal?!

There’s a brand new organism on display at Le Parc Zoologique de Paris, one that just might win the title of strangest thing in a zoo EVER. Because it’s not an animal. It has no eyes, ears, mouth, or limbs, but it is mobile, it can communicate, it can heal Continue Reading


Coffee has been getting considerable attention for a growing list of health benefits, with brain health high among them While not without a few downsides studies have shown impressive upsides of moderate coffee consumption, often linked to its high caffeine content. But a new lab study suggests that when it Continue Reading

Does Caffeine Really Boost Your Productivity? | Fast Company

– [Max] Americans consume roughly 400 million cups of coffee every day. But does all that caffeine really improve productivity or is it all in our minds? To find out, I asked James, Victoria, Marcus, and KC to do a blind coffee study. (quiet rock music) – Max sent me Continue Reading

Caffeine? That’s So Analog. Introducing Electric Neural Stimulation.

With transformative technology and at the transformative technology lab we’re tracking ten major areas of trans tech. And those ten areas include things like neurofeedback and biofeedback, neurostim and biostim. Those are the ones that I think people would think of the most. A good example of that would be Continue Reading

Your Brain On Caffeine | Inverse

– No, I just was like, just too riled up. The majority of Americans are addicted to caffeine. But have you ever wondered what exactly is going on in your body as you desperately grab for that cup of coffee in the morning? I’m Shannon, and I’m a neuroscience PhD Continue Reading

Alcohol, Caffeine, & Opioids: What Happens When You’re Hooked?

Withdrawal is a painful process that happens after someone stops taking a mind-altering substance, but why exactly is it so miserable? Withdrawal of any kind of substance can be harrowing and exhausting. Some of the most dramatic symptoms include nausea, sweating, shaking, and even hallucination. So what’s going? Why does Continue Reading