Luis Sal goes to Tokyo for a fishy morning and Iced Coffee

My name is Luis Sal. It’s the beginning of the year 2020 and I’m in the beautiful city of Tokyo, Japan to show you how the locals have breakfast. In this series, Lavazza and I will take you around the world. To discover how different cultures have breakfast and how Continue Reading

Dramatic Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day. I do hope this blessed day finds you surrounded by those you love. I’m not so lucky this year. My dearly beloved has fallen ill. They say… if you can’t be with the one you love… I love you Moccamaster. Love the one you’re with. But I Continue Reading

Hawaii acai berry smoothie

There’s no sleeping in when you’re in Hawaii and the birds come out in full-force between four and five in the morning so you literally cannot sleep. So we get up and make smoothies for breakfast. We jump in the hot tub or in the ocean, swim with manta rays Continue Reading

roasted bread, make spaghetti carbonara, take a walk in the afternoon 烤麵包、義大利麵、午後散步 | Vlog

this week I want to share vlog video just simple life made breakfast lunch I decide to make pasta carbonara without bacon wine sourdough bread bought from famous bread shop “Domoto Bakery Store” when bread roasted in oven how about make a hot tea.. “3:15 PM” a milk tea bag Continue Reading

Vegan Acai Bowl with Mixed Berries | Healthy Smoothie Bowl

Quando ordini il Caffè Espresso – meglio non aver fretta! – BAR LINE

13 Best Breakfast Foods To Help You Lose Weight Naturally

You may have heard time and again about the importance of having breakfast. Breaking your overnight fasting period, replenishing your supply of glucose, providing other essential nutrients and keeping your energy levels up throughout the day are just some of the benefits of having breakfast. But did you know it Continue Reading

Healthy Breakfast Muesli | #10HealthyMeals | Anna Jones

Hi Food Tube, I’m Anna Jones and I’m going to show you how to make one of my favourite ever breakfasts. It’s bircher muesli, this is a dairy free breakfast, and it’s warming and delicious and exactly what you need to get you going for the day. For this I’m Continue Reading

People Try Caffeinated Bagels

– I’m here at Einstein Bagels, picking up the caffeinated bagels that everybody is talking about. (happy music) – I call it double buzz. They can have a coffee, and a bagel with the caffeine in it. – 32 milligrams of caffeine, I read online that it’s about a third Continue Reading

Berry Breakfast Bake | Holiday Recipe | Albertsons

When I’m having company stay this time of year I like to have a homemade breakfast ready to go that’s super simple That way I can spend more time with my guests My solution is a Berry Breakfast Bake with a mason jar blackberry maple syrup It’s so delicious. You’re Continue Reading