How to Make A Christmas Cake – The Victorian Way

Come on Mary-Anne, when you’ve finished those you’ve got all these to do as well. Good morning. Today, we’re making Lord and Lady Braybrooke’s Christmas cake. I’m using one of my favourite plum cake recipes. It’s got a lot of dried cherries in it. For this recipe you will need Continue Reading

Fawlty Towers: Topless afternoon tea

Hello. Hello. I think I left it over here somewhere, hang on. Ah, here it is. See you tonight. Come here… Yes? A single for tonight, is it? Mr Fawlty, may I introduce Richard Turner. I’m sorry? He’s a friend of mine. Oh, you know each other, do you? Just, Continue Reading

Jorja Smith: Pre-show tea party

I used to watch H2O. The kids show? Yeah, with mermaids. I really wanted to be a mermaid. She’s the 21 year old British singer that Drake and Kendrick Lamar want to work with. So, just what is it that makes Jorja Smith so special? When we’d walk to school Continue Reading

We Tried Clear Coffee

– You can like maybe trick people into thinking you’re super healthy and drinking water all the time, but it’s just like (bleeping) coffee. (smooth, jazzy music) – Wow, this literally just looks like a bottle of water. – I think if this were a drink you ordered on an Continue Reading

Helena and Erin Spill the Tea on British Tea Etiquette | The Crown

(grand majestic music) – I have a bath. – What you mean, a bath or tea? – Yeah. I think I probably have 7000 cups. How many do you have? – Do you, really? – Yeah. – I would go, three. It’s Earl Grey. – Yeah. – Is that okay? Continue Reading

Spilling The Tea With Ewan McGregor

– A horse. (laughs) It is sort of the animal I’m most like. That, not physically, I just meant spiritually, I’m like a horse. I have several sets of bagpipes. Cheer up. (laughs) Cheer up. No no no. Well, professionally, it would be from Dennis Potter, who I worked with Continue Reading

Former Butler To The Royal Family Schools Kelly On Tea Time | The Kelly Clarkson Show

– My next guest knows all too well what it’s like to work for the Royal household. He’s the former royal butler to His Royal Highness, Prince Charles and Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall. Please welcome Mr. Grant Harold, y’all. (applause) – [Kelly] I mean, what was it like when Continue Reading