“Vancouver on a budget” by Angel – EF Guest Vlog

Hey guys! My name is Angel. I’m a content creator from Vancouver, Canada. Today I’m going to be guest vlogging for the EF channel, showing you guys how to live on a budget in an expensive city like Vancouver. If you’re planning to study at the EF school in Vancouver, Continue Reading

How to Make an Alice in Wonderland Themed Tea Party | 8 Ideas & recipes | CarlyToffle

Hi everyone, it’s Carly. Today I’m making an Alice in Wonderland themed tea party to celebrate the release of the new movie Alice Through the Looking Glass next month. I’ll be making Pocket Watch Macarons, Mad Hatter Cake Pop Hats, Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum Cupcakes, I’ll be making some Continue Reading

How to Decorate your Living Room on a Budget : Using a Coffee Table in Your Living Room Design

Hello! My name is Judy Williams on behalf of Expert Village and today we’re talking about different ways to decorate your living room on a budget. I’ve selected a small coffee table for this room. It is a rather small room but I need something here in front of the Continue Reading

Making simple rugged coffee tables for cheap! (use captions)

I start by cutting 8 boards 16 inches long for the legs, intending to glue them to be 4×4 size, and then 10 boards 3 feet long. All from 2×4 studs. I glue the leg pieces together then prepare to cut the top section for a stronger joint. Seen later, Continue Reading


I will hello there everyone and welcome to new park and when I say new product I mean that on today’s episode of the honest guide we will show you new places that recently opened up and this is one of them not only this place but also this building Continue Reading

Coffee Taste Test: Tim Hortons VS. Starbucks VS. The Spoke

I feel like I’m at like a wine tasting I would say I’m like a pretty, I’m a connoisseur of coffee I usually drink it from wherever the line is shortest I was a barista for four years in high school at a specialty coffee place I drink coffee everyday Continue Reading

Affordable vs High End – Complete Indian Bridal Makeup Kit For Beginners | #Anaysa #ShrutiArjunAnand

Get ready fast we are getting late I think it has got expired let it be lets apply it are you crazy!! do you ever take expired medicines!! No why? it causes reaction and what if reaction occurred on face but Makeup is so expensive do we buy it daily Continue Reading