DIY STARBUCKS PINK DRINK! Coffee Free Refresher!

hey everyone and welcome back to my channel I have another exciting video for you guys and it can you tell what drink we are making a pink kind of color yes we are making the new starbucks pink drink but I’ve been seeing all over Instagram everyone’s going again Continue Reading

Does Coke Have The Best Energy Drink?

Hello everyone, this is Energy Crisis: The Energy Drink Report! Well, hello, ladies and gentlemen and everyone watching! This is Energy Crisis: Energy Drink Report – The energy drink review series. Yes, I know the ever so, the ever so rare energy drink reviews, but here we are. I figured Continue Reading

TRUTH OR DRINK!! tea is sPILLED! Cammie’s a freak!!!!

Amy: We’re doing it! Cammie: We’re making it happen! Amy: Oh my God Oh my God how many years have we known each other- not… not that long A year and… year and a half Cheers, shall we take a celebratory sip? Yeah. Oh my God, imagine I did that Continue Reading

Eugene Ranks The World’s Most Popular Fruit

Eugene: He’s my theme song writer and singer. Min-young: Oh wow! He is the raaaaaaaannnnkk kiiiinng~ (and queen) M: Wooow! M: Bravo! E: Thank you. M: Bravo, bravo! E: Thank you *intro* Fruity fruity fruity (fruityfruity) Frooooooooo-ty fruity (fruit-a-fruit, fruity-fuity) Fruity fruity frui-TY! E: Welcome to the Rank King, the Continue Reading

I Made The Crazy Bubble Tea Lava Cake From Taiwan

People Try Caffeinated Bagels

– I’m here at Einstein Bagels, picking up the caffeinated bagels that everybody is talking about. (happy music) – I call it double buzz. They can have a coffee, and a bagel with the caffeine in it. – 32 milligrams of caffeine, I read online that it’s about a third Continue Reading

Trying Weird Caffeine Products

– Somebody maybe asking why do I have lube and why it’s up on my face. Let’s just say, last night was crazy. Hey what’s up guys, Keaton here, so right now I don’t feel really well, I have this thing called like a sinus infection. Whatever that means. So Continue Reading

Tasty And Healthy Caffeinated Smoothie Recipe || Livefood

Caffeinated Smoothie Recipe

Ryan and Shane Eat Everything Boysenberry At Knott’s Berry Farm

– Hello there! Today we’re not hunting ghosts, we’re hunting berries at the Boysenberry Festival at Knotts Berry Farm. – [Shane] A place you’re obsessed with. – Little known fact, I’m actually the world’s biggest theme park fan. Don’t check me on that, but it’s true. – Tell us a Continue Reading