Coffee Break: Pay-As-You-Throw Rubbish

We are only at the start of this episode! Help me! Shame! Shame! Hi guys, welcome to another episode of Coffee Break, where we will get intellectuals and me… to talk about issues in Singapore. 5, 6, 7, 8! Coffee, coffee, coffee break. – Ta-da! – Oh… – It’s trash. Continue Reading

Baristas Rank Fast Food Coffee

hold on Renzi the coffee sip on you yeah ready make it real weird yeah just art slurping I just do the same thing hi I’m Danny hi I’m a barista and I’ve been a barista for about one and a half years now hello I’m Kelsey I’m also barista Continue Reading

I Get Paid To Drink Coffee

hi welcome to Peru these are the coffee cherries I love coffee to make a video about fair trade coffee my name is Lenny I drink coffee for a living you’ve been drinking your coffee wrong and I will tell you why this is the process of capping coffee but Continue Reading

70p Tea Vs. £80 Tea

– You know when you get that first sip in? Almost clogs your heart, oh yeah. – Welcome to Worth It, f**k me. – Can one of you clap? – Worth It UK. The show where we test three different things at three drastically different price points, to determine which Continue Reading

Kids Try Coffee For The First Time

(child grunts) (light music) – When my parents are making me breakfast, they like make a lot of coffee, a lot. Becaus they’re parents. – Yeah, I once had it from my dad. I drunk it, I was like, “Hmm, do I like this?” – Coffee stops you from growing. Continue Reading

We Try To Guess $1 Vs. $30 Coffee

well I’ve drank coffee for most of my life my mom used to put it in my sippy cup when I was a kid with like a lot of milk cold brew hot brew with caramel with milk half-and-half sugar everything the works I have like two to four cups Continue Reading

Americans Try Afternoon Tea In London For The First Time

– This is not good for my body, but it’s so good for my everything else. (upbeat, string music) – Today, us two Americans are going to try afternoon tea for the first time in the heart of London. – Although this guy is in it, does not mean that Continue Reading