I Made The Crazy Bubble Tea Lava Cake From Taiwan

People Try Caffeinated Bagels

– I’m here at Einstein Bagels, picking up the caffeinated bagels that everybody is talking about. (happy music) – I call it double buzz. They can have a coffee, and a bagel with the caffeine in it. – 32 milligrams of caffeine, I read online that it’s about a third Continue Reading

People Give Up Caffeine For A Week

– I can’t drink green tea, but I can put the tea bags on my eyes. (upbeat music) (sobbing) – I drink some form of caffeine every day. – I’m pretty aware of how I can’t function without caffeine. So this is it, this is my last one. – I Continue Reading

Where’s The Best Espresso In San Francisco? // Taste Buds

– San Francisco’s known for coffee, right? – Right. – Specifically, like, meets coffee which is probably like an expresso bar, or stuff like that. – You’re saying “expresso”? There’s no “k” in it. It’s just espresso. – What, there’s “k” offee in it. – Espresso A-Go-Go in San Francisco Continue Reading

The Try Wives Reveal The Try Guys’ Best-Kept Secrets

(smooth jazz music) – Girl! (laughing) – Try Wives Wine Time! – Try Wives Wine Time! (playfully mumbles) – Cheers! (laughs) Excuse me, we are making content for the internet. Excuse me! (rock music) – [Ariel] We know all the boys’ secrets. – You want the tea? You want the Continue Reading

A Barista Guesses People’s Coffee Orders Out Of A Lineup

yeah fists yes wait I want to switch there we go okay I feel hi everyone I’m Kelsey and welcome to my cafe I’ve been a barista for like a little bit over three years now and I’m so excited to have you on my new space so today I’m Continue Reading

Keith Puppysits The Try Guys Dogs

Today I’ll be watching everyone else’s dogs all at once. You’ll probably come to this video being like, “Oh, Keith the dog hater,” “He’s gonna learn to become a dog lover.” F*** that not a chance, but I am gonna pick the best dog. It’s kind of like The Bachelor. Continue Reading

$1 Sushi Vs. $133 Sushi • Japan

– We’re back, we’re in Tokyo, we’re Worth It Japan part dwa. – Is dwa a two in any language? – It’s French. – Un, deaux, trois. – (laughing) wait, what. – You combined two and three. You know how you know we’re in Tokyo? The Tokyo Tower and the Continue Reading