A Barista Guesses People’s Coffee Orders Out Of A Lineup

yeah fists yes wait I want to switch there we go okay I feel hi everyone I’m Kelsey and welcome to my cafe I’ve been a barista for like a little bit over three years now and I’m so excited to have you on my new space so today I’m Continue Reading

Keith Puppysits The Try Guys Dogs

Today I’ll be watching everyone else’s dogs all at once. You’ll probably come to this video being like, “Oh, Keith the dog hater,” “He’s gonna learn to become a dog lover.” F*** that not a chance, but I am gonna pick the best dog. It’s kind of like The Bachelor. Continue Reading

$1 Sushi Vs. $133 Sushi • Japan

– We’re back, we’re in Tokyo, we’re Worth It Japan part dwa. – Is dwa a two in any language? – It’s French. – Un, deaux, trois. – (laughing) wait, what. – You combined two and three. You know how you know we’re in Tokyo? The Tokyo Tower and the Continue Reading

We Tried Fit Tea Detox For 2 Weeks

– Give me that Kardashian tea, and I ain’t talkin’ about gossip. (beat drop music) (whooshing and squeaking) (sipping) (beat drop music) I am going to try a two-week tea detox. I don’t really know what the fuck that means, but I’m here. – I’ve seen this trend all over Continue Reading

Why Tea Is Obviously Better Than Coffee

Why Tea is Better Than Coffee Tea is filled with health benefits. Including the ability to possibly help prevent CANCER. What do you got coffee? You punk ass B**ch! Did you know that tea originated 3,000 years before coffee? You need to respect your elders, son! Drinking tea can help Continue Reading

Baristas Rank Fast Food Coffee

hold on Renzi the coffee sip on you yeah ready make it real weird yeah just art slurping I just do the same thing hi I’m Danny hi I’m a barista and I’ve been a barista for about one and a half years now hello I’m Kelsey I’m also barista Continue Reading

I Get Paid To Drink Coffee

hi welcome to Peru these are the coffee cherries I love coffee to make a video about fair trade coffee my name is Lenny I drink coffee for a living you’ve been drinking your coffee wrong and I will tell you why this is the process of capping coffee but Continue Reading