Kayden James Buchanan – Caffeinated (Official Music Video)

*Phone Ringing* Yo what up? What? Oh no he didn’t I’ll be right there I just got a call Sayin’ That someone In this house is touchin my coffee And its you You know what, Its time you take a break from coffee. What are you thinkin of doing with Continue Reading

Yoseop Yang “Caffeine” – KpopCharts Update

Cooking with Caffeine

Cooking with caffeine Is cooking with caffeine the next trend coming our way from Asia? Malaysians love to pimp up regular dishes with the addition of an unlikely ingredient: Coffee. Coffee may be just a beverage for most people. But for Chef Paul Neukirch from Malaysia, it’s an ingredient to Continue Reading

How Caffeine can Affect your Anxiety

Hi, I’m Codie from New Life Outlook. A pounding heart, sweaty palms and a quickened pulse can be attributed to many things, two of which including panic attacks and too much caffeine. So it’s no wonder that science has found a link between the two. Caffeine is known as the Continue Reading

How much caffeine is in chocolate? Plus, Awake Chocolate Review

Hey everybody, Caffeine Man here, today we’re gonna be going over how much caffeine is in chocolate, as well as doing a product review on caffeinated chocolate. What?!?! You heard me right, caffeinated chocolate. A company called Awake put extra caffeine in chocolate and needless to say I’m excited to Continue Reading

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