tea and coffee have both long been touted for their physical mental emotional and social benefits while both drinks have their advantages both tea enthusiasts and coffee lovers will defend their drink of choice to the end with the fierce competition between the two drinks it may be difficult to Continue Reading

Coffee with Bob☕ someone to talk to☕

Well, good morning everybody, this is Bob from the prepper Bob Channel cheers to you I Want to thank you all for having coffee with me well yesterday we had some Some eggs together that was fun Yep, then we’ve got the dishes done yesterday was a day off for Continue Reading

Coffee wth Bob☕space heater 🔥 place☕

Well, good morning cheers to you It is 2:00 a.m It is 41 degrees here in Florida at least in my area of Florida. It’s 41 degrees The people at Florida that’s pretty darn cold, I feel like I should be out in the woods This kind of weather down Continue Reading

I gave up COFFEE for a week (TEA as well)

I’m so tired. Last time you guys saw me go vegan for a week This time it’s gonna be a little bit different I’m gonna quit my favorite beverage of all time coffee I guess it’s not that hard for a person who doesn’t like coffee, but me I’m almost Continue Reading

I quit coffee for 30 days so you didn’t have too

I have a coffee problem… Whether it’s coffee or pop, caffeine has been flowing through my veins from the earliest I can remember. I don’t remember the last time I went a day without having something that has caffeine in it. With that being said, I’m going to give up Continue Reading

How to Make the Single Macchiatto : How to Choose Espresso Beans for a Single Macchiato

CLANCY ROSE: So, the first thing that I’m going to talk about is the first thing that goes into the drink, which is the beans that you’re going to use for the espresso, for the beverage. One of the most common misconceptions about espresso roast is that coffee is roasted Continue Reading

My FIRST ROAST on the Zenroast hand-roaster

Oh Hello there, it’s Jonathan of the North I’m here with my furry friends Bo messy and koa and Yeah, I guess you could say these are Maya from roasting assistants We’re gonna get to our first first roast today, and it’s going to be a good time. Alright guys Continue Reading

Does Coffee Raise Blood Pressure? Should You Drink Coffee If You Have High BP

Hello, I’m feeling good today because I want to talk about coffee and blood pressure. What’s relationship between coffee and blood pressure? Does coffee actually, raise your blood pressure when you drink it? If you’ve got high blood pressure, should you be drinking coffee? That’s what’s coming up next. I’ll Continue Reading

How Coffee Overtook Tea In Taiwan

Taiwan is historically associated with tea. It’s flush with tea farms growing oolong and stores selling bubble tea. But there’s a new caffeinated beverage that has taken the island by storm. In the past two decades, Taiwan has become an uncanny breeding ground for a dynamic coffee scene. Now it’s Continue Reading