Starbucks Italian Roast Coffee Review

– Hey, welcome to Coffee Coffee Coffee, your place for average joe coffee reviews. Vuoi un caffè? So today’s coffee is a Starbucks coffee, but it’s a different Starbucks coffee. – It’s their Italian Roast. And it’s in between their Espresso Roast and their French Roast. The French Roast has Continue Reading

Tea and Artery Function

How to improve the taste of coffee & tea

I always look forward to my morning coffee and my evening tea. Like a lot of other people I try to make the best coffee and tea I can. That means getting the best coffee beans, grinding them right before I’m going to brew, using my Chemex, waiting an hour Continue Reading

Java Can – How to Make a Perfect Hazelnut Latte in the Field

The Java can is the very first field espresso kit housed in a military ammunition camp? Hey welcome back to Mountain View Ranch If you’ve been following my channel for any length of time you know that I’m a huge coffee hound well I totally forgot that Beth and I Continue Reading

Can Coffee Help You Lose Weight? A Critical Look

– Coffee contains a lot of caffeine, the world’s most commonly consumed stimulant and caffeine is the main ingredient in most commercial fat-burning supplements. So coffee should help with weight loss, right? But perhaps everything is not quite as it appears. Now coffee isn’t just delicious, warm, black water. Substances Continue Reading

🍃Thirsty Thursday: 🍃 Tea and Health: Green Tea & L-theanine

Hi! Jenny here with Sipping Streams Tea Company for another Thirsty Thursday! Happy New Year, everyone! And happy National Hot Tea Month! If you have any questions, just stop me. We’ll be covering in the month of January every week a topic about health and tea. With it being the Continue Reading

Should You Try Sparkling Cold Brew Coffee?

There’s certainly no shortage of social media trends And we’re here to help you sort out if they’re a buzz or a bust the first craze combines two of your favorite Thanks coffee and Sparkling water so the question is this sparkling cold brew a buzz, or does it just Continue Reading

Coffee & Tea During Pregnancy: Safe or Not? | Parents

If you’re just a little tiny bit scary in the morning before your coffee or tea, you’re probably just a little bit interested in what’s safe and what’s not when it comes to caffeine and your pregnancy. Let me drill that down for you. 200 mg of caffeine a day Continue Reading

Whats the strongest coffee? Pre workout TNT HIIT Instant COFFEE

TNT instant coffee is a great addition to the TNT supplement range it’s a high intensity instant coffee with 157 milligrams of caffeine per scoop the scoop is tiny it’s a three gram scoop super sir per pack we have 40 servings in a tub the coffee is blended together Continue Reading