NEW Cocaine Energy Drink Product Review. Cocaine BLACK energy drink! Most caffeinated energy drink!

Hey everybody, Caffeine Man here. Today, I’m excited to say I’m going over the brand new flavor of Cocaine Energy Drink, Cocaine Black. If you didn’t know, they actually have a mild version and a spicy version and now they’re adding to their arsenal with black. And given it’s name, Continue Reading

Jesse’s Wake Up Bar – Dark Chocolate Caffeinated All Natural Energy Bar Product Review

Hey Everybody, CaffeineMan here, and today I got a bonus video for you guys! That’s right. This week there was a holiday, which means I had an extra day off out of work and I can get a lot accomplished when I have a full day to myself . So Continue Reading

What is the average amount of caffeine consumed per day?

Hey everybody, Caffeine man here. Welcome to my debut video. INTRO: C *THUD* M *THUD *LIGHTNING STRIKE* Hey everyone, thanks for joining me in my debut video. First I’d like to go over what you can expect from my channel. If you’re here based on the title and just want Continue Reading

Bang Energy Drink Product Review. 9 More Flavors Reviewed including 2 NEW Flavors!

*CRASH!!!* Whooo! Just a little Parkour there *beathing heavy* Didn’t go as planned. Hey everybody, Caffeine Man here, and today we are going to be doing a Bang energy drink product review. Now, I already did a Bang energy drink product review a few months ago. In that video I Continue Reading