How to draw girl who loves tea || Cup and Tea Pot || Step by Step || Pencil Sketch Easy Drawing

and whenever you like you’re nothing but you wanna be some leave all you really need is though I just want you to trust me if you wanna be safe that’s right let’s go yeah when you’re feeling down you out but you got nothing but death you’ll be known Continue Reading

How to Write Chinese Symbols for Drinks : How to Write “Green Tea” in Chinese Symbols

Now let’s come to the Chinese word for “green tea”, “lu cha”. In this word “lu” is the color word exactly, it means “green” and “cha” is “tea”. “Green tea” “lu cha” and the character “lu” it’s the same with the character “houng because it contains the “silk” radical. We Continue Reading

Chá de Orégano Emagrece? [Receita e Como Fazer]

With the wave of teas to lose weight, has emerged more and more tea to lose weight, and tea of oregano is one of them. But does oregano tea lose weight same? Subscribe to our channel and don’t miss any New content. Oregano infusion is commonly used by people who Continue Reading


Hello. I am Daniel and I work for the Tea House in Covent Garden. Today we are going to speak about Japanese teas. The Japanese probably first had contact with tea early in the 8th century. And the first tea seeds were probably planted in year 806 by Buddhist monks Continue Reading

Traditional chinese tea ceremony

Doodh Cha | Bengali “Masala Chai” (Spiced Milk Tea)

Doodh Cha | milky tea water and milk, 300g each ginger 8g clove 1 pc cardamom 1 pc sugar 25g orange pekoe tea 8g Orange pekoe tea is preferred for this sweet, milky concoction. Save your precious Darjeelings for more delicate liquors. crush cardamom and clove wash, peel, and slice Continue Reading

Japan Free / Green Tea

We’re now in Osaka in a conveyor belt sushi restaurant one of the most interesting things of a place like this is that you can get a lot of things for free so one of them is the green tea take a cup and then you have inside this little Continue Reading

How to brew oolong tea – best tips for brewing unknown tea | Gonfu brewing | ZhenTea

hi everybody welcome back to tea with Phil and Zhen today I’m going to walk you through how to brew a mystery along it’s our next installment in our intuitive brewing series and then we’re going to give you the tools tips and hacks on what you do when you’re Continue Reading