What’s inside a Yeti Cup?

– Oh boy! (water steaming) Oh boy! (metallic grinding) – Welcome back, What’s Inside. I’m Linc and this is dad, and today we’re gonna cut open some Yeti cups. – What week is this Lincoln? – Mug Week. – Mug week, and this is the end of mug week, ha. Continue Reading

GADGET NEWS !!! High Speed Cold Brew Coffee Machine

coffee drinkers searching for a quick way to cold brew coffee maybe interested in a new high-speed cold brew coffee machine created by sonic Dutch the coffee machine takes just five minutes to brew a cold coffee thanks to the inclusion of innovative technology called sonic vibration sonic Dutch has Continue Reading

Bottled Milk Tea in Singapore| Taste Testers | EP 43

Hi guys! Hi! Hello! Hey! Hey! Not say very often, but like… from time to time. When I was in Japan right, I made it a point to try all the milk tea I can find. No wonder, you came back chubbier. Not so often. Wah, I don’t know the Continue Reading

Inquiry & Tea 🌱 (Life Advice w/ Cone)

hello 🙂 i love me some mint tea after breakfast, it’s a real good time… soothing it is saturday morning. a couple hours ago they weren’t chopping trees down with a chainsaw but they are now :'( but i wanted to kind of take this morning slow and just relax Continue Reading


Hi everybody ! This morning is normal as usual. I go to coffee in the morning. I made this clip, which included a series of days and many cafe shops. to show everyone … people who like to have morning coffee. This is me on my way to a cafe Continue Reading

70p Tea Vs. £80 Tea

– You know when you get that first sip in? Almost clogs your heart, oh yeah. – Welcome to Worth It, f**k me. – Can one of you clap? – Worth It UK. The show where we test three different things at three drastically different price points, to determine which Continue Reading

DIY $0.75 Cup Holders For Your Canoe!

Hey guys. Here are a few of our canoes that we have. We do a fair amount of floating and I can’t tell you how many times we’ve been sitting in a canoe and drinking a drink and you set it down here on the floor and then next thing Continue Reading

How To Make An Easy Iced Coffee (latte)

Hello everyone! It’s Tonya. Today is the 23rd of April and I’m going to show you how I make my iced coffee! Or latte. I use sweetened creamer in it. So.. technically. Now the recipe I use is from Recipe Girl by Lori. It’s her iced coffee except I’m not Continue Reading

DIY Hand Painted Mug | Sea Lemon

In this tutorial, I’ll show you a couple ways to paint a ceramic or porcelain mug. Here’s a list of materials and tools I’ll be using. On a side note, When I was shopping for porcelain paint, I noticed some brands were not recommended for surfaces that come in contact Continue Reading


Ro: Hey guys, it’s Ro! Today I’m here with my friend Justine! Justine: Hi guys! Ro: I love her, she is amazing, I’m gonna put all her links down Ro: below, I missed you so much! Justine: I know! Ro: I had to make a really good excuse Ro: for Continue Reading