Tea Story

Welcome everybody to The Korea Society. It’s our honor and privilege to introduce Doctor Roy Kim, President of the Hagajae Museum in Korea. Dr. Kim majored in biochemical engineering at Seoul National University. He then studied oriental medicine at Kyung Hee University during which he developed a keen interest in Continue Reading

Taoism (Daoism) Explained + How it Could Improve Your Life – Tea Time Taoism

Daoism is an ancient Chinese philosophy and religion dating back 2,500 years with the writing of the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tze. You can think about the Tao Te ching as the bible for Daoism. Dao literally means the path or way Welcome to the Wudang Mountains, the sacred Continue Reading

Where Did Bubble Tea Come From?

Boba. It’s taken the world by storm. This is exciting. Cheers. Two men on a mission to make better boba, which is milk tea with tapioca pearls. But what exactly is boba, and what’s with all the hype? Invented in the ‘80s, boba is a popular beverage that originates from Continue Reading

Pittsburgh Eats: Dobrá Tea

(mellow guitar music) – Dobra Tea is a Bohemian-style tea room. We focus on traditional preparations of tea. We have teas from all over the world. We have teas from China, India, Japan, from Africa, from Sri Lanka. We carefully cultivate and curate our tea selection. We talk to our Continue Reading

“Peanut: Taste of China” | Controlled Chaos | JEFF DUNHAM

– What is wrong with you tonight? You’re being a little extra annoying. – I’m sorry, I got cranky today ’cause we didn’t have anything to eat on the bus. – Right, we haven’t been to the store in a while. – You know what I had to do? – Continue Reading

Atomy Toothpaste Ingredients Water Soluable Propolis and Green Tea Extract

Atomy Toothpaste Ingredients Water Soluable Propolis and Green Tea Extract

Naturex green tea sourcing in China, Sichuan province

Hi I’m Chris Killam for Naturex. Where are we today? We are in a tea plantation in southwestern China, in Sichuan province, in some beautiful majestic mountains. Here, there are about 235 hectares of tea growing in this area. There are no pesticides used on this tea. This tea is Continue Reading

The Yin Yang: Meaning & Philosophy Explained | Tea Time Taoism

how much do you about it’s true meaning, let’s find out.. Ok with the basics covered, jump aboard and we’ll explore what wisdom the Yin Yang has to share with us. Opposites make up the Whole The Yin Yang depicts two opposing forces but this shouldn’t be confused with the Continue Reading

Cheese tea: the surprising new way to enjoy cream cheese

Chinese tea houses have been around for centuries and have been the starting point for countless international tea-drinking trends. Over the past few years, a new trend has emerged: naigai tea. This is a green tea that is topped with a special cream cheese, and is proving to be extremely Continue Reading

Boozy Boba and Cough Syrup Green Tea

People that don’t know this specific cough syrup are just kind of appalled that there is cough syrup in a drink. Hi, my name is Elton Keung, the owner of Labobatory. In college, turning 21, the idea of alcoholic boba came to be, and I started to learn how to Continue Reading