12 Thai Snacks – Tasting Time with Bro!

Seriously not staged!!! I repeat: NOT STAGED!

Chips Ahoy Hot Cocoa Cookies Review

You’ve asked for it – you wanted it. Here, we’re going to try these new Chips Ahoy Hot Cocoa cookies today on Food Snot It’s time for Food Snot Hi, I’m Tom Cote and I am the Food Snot. I’m here today with my lovely wife Renae. Hiiiiii. And today Continue Reading

Fix Small Chips or Gouges in Wood With Fill Sticks

Soft Fillers are used in low traffic areas where very little contact or touching or contact with moisture take place. For example soft fillers are not appropriate to repair a dining room table top. However, they are perfectly acceptable on legs of the same table. Wax sticks are semi soft Continue Reading