Tarta de Zanahoria y Cacao / Carrot and Cocoa Cake

A delicious cake to enjoy in good company. 1. We begin by greasing with a little butter or oil. 2. Sprinkle some cocoa powder and had all the mold. 3. In a bowl add the sunflower oil, 4 eggs, sugar, and beat everything well until you have a light cream. Continue Reading

Cocoa Meaning | CacaoCollective

Well cacao, is what can I say? Cacao is one of the trees that nature has made to help us the farmers, because truly we cannot actually define it. God only knows why he has created that tree. It is natural, it is helping all the farmers. Without cacao…, that Continue Reading

Cocoa Origin | CacaoCollective

Genetically cacao, the Theobroma type and the species of Theobroma cacao originate in the upper part, at the heads of the main tributaries of the Amazon, now known as Peru. In the thirties and forties, my parents brought and harvested these fruits from the area of Iquitos, Marañón, from the Continue Reading

Cold bournvita milkshake | KIDS SPECIAL | How to make bournvita milkshake

Take a jar and add Bournvita and ice cubes add Milk add Sugar Mix well Decorate glass with chocolate syrup Our Glasses are ready Serve Bournvita in glasses Add Little Chocolate Syrup on top of it

Iced Chocolate Coffee Recipe

Hello there! Today, I’m going to make the perfect Iced Chocolate Coffee… …with a touch of magic. Start by pouring the milk in the Aeroccino. Turn it on into cold mode and wait until you get a nice foam. Then add the Macaron syrup. (Or you can use sugar cane Continue Reading