How to Make a Mason Jar Hot Cocoa Gift | DIY Holiday | Michaels

Mason Jar Hot Cocoa Make it Merry Measure felt Cut and glue Add sticker Fill with hot cocoa mix Add mini chocolate chips and marshmallows Add tag to personalize Subscribe to our channel now for more ways to DIY your holiday

Do You Have to ‘Bloom’ Cocoa Powder?

A lot of bakers tell you to “bloom” your cocoa powder. That is, to mix it into some boiling hot water or coffee or milk to “bring out the flavors” before you bake with it. Does it work? To my surprise, yes! This whole idea of blooming cocoa powder never Continue Reading

How much caffeine is in chocolate? Plus, Awake Chocolate Review

Hey everybody, Caffeine Man here, today we’re gonna be going over how much caffeine is in chocolate, as well as doing a product review on caffeinated chocolate. What?!?! You heard me right, caffeinated chocolate. A company called Awake put extra caffeine in chocolate and needless to say I’m excited to Continue Reading

Kakaovo čokoládový palacinkový koláč

Cocoa – chocolate pancake … 400 grams of smooth flour 2 teaspoons of baking powder 4 teaspoons of cocoa powder 3 tablespoons of powdered sugar 1 egg 600 ml of milk Mix dough… bake the pancakes 50 ml of milk before cooking pour on 100 grams of chocolate and mix Continue Reading