Caffeine – short film – panasonic gh3 / summilux 25mm 1.4 / panasonic 14mm 2.5

yes good evening Arnaldo, it’s me, are you busy? look, I’ve just run out of stock, could you come over here a moment? how many coffees have you had? perfect, see you in a bit good evening my dear good evening to you, how’s it going? well, can you imagine Continue Reading

Coffee Addicts Try Different Types Of Caffeine For A Week

– There’s no way I’m gonna like anything more than coffee. (playful music) – There’s life before coffee, and there’s life right after coffee, and one is definitely better than the other. – I love coffee, it’s my morning ritual. – I’m worried that I’m gonna need more tea or Continue Reading

How Much Caffeine Do YOU drink? How much caffeine in coffee, tea & more

Hey everyone, Caffeine Man here, and I want to know how much caffeine do YOU drink in a day? Don’t know? Well, I’m here to help you find out. Today, I’m going to go over how much caffeine is in coffee, such as Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, Tim Hortons and several Continue Reading


[high-speed] By now we’ve gotten to know each other. You may have noticed I’m kinda high energy guy. I can be [loudly] loud. I’ve been known to talk a little too fast. I really excited about nerdy things And you’re probably thinking to yourself “Ah, that Hank, he must have Continue Reading

How To Instantly Chill Any Drink!

What’s up guys, Lew here back with another video. And today- This might be The most exciting thing I’ve brought you in a while This right here is a little appliance that is gonna chill any beverage, carbonated or otherwise in one minute. Chill a beverage in one minute I Continue Reading

Make Coca-Cola At Home?

What’s up guys Lew here back with another video and today I have something that I am really pumped up for I don’t normally say pumped up that’s kinda new. Me and Jack have been talking about this thing since it arrived We have a serious problem here at the Continue Reading

Protecting Teeth From Hibiscus Tea

💋amazing effect of Coca-Cola with coffee !!! be welcome!!❤

good morning my dear friends !!!! if you go to work and you need to cheer up then look at my recipe for this i will take cola, ice and coffee so take a Coke. how cold pour into a glass …. now add coffee with milk now mix see Continue Reading

This Cup Is Unspillable – What Magic Is This?

What’s up guys, Lou here, back with another video, and today i’ve got something unsual for you, but i think… I’m thinking… It might be incredbily useful. I still dont really belive it though, ‘cuz when I saw this online, and I saw the demonstration, I was like come on Continue Reading