Cocoa Meaning | CacaoCollective

Well cacao, is what can I say? Cacao is one of the trees that nature has made to help us the farmers, because truly we cannot actually define it. God only knows why he has created that tree. It is natural, it is helping all the farmers. Without cacao…, that Continue Reading

Valrhona – Illanka 63% Gran Blanco Cocoa

VALRHONA TV presents PERU PLANTATION TRIP Illanka Gran Blanco Cocoa Beans 63 % Here we are in a white cocoa bean reserve in the province of Puria. EDUARDO ESPINOZA TAMARIS – Cocoa Manager – Norandino Cooperative As you can see, cocoa beans are not identical, there are different genotypes. They Continue Reading

Is Organic Cocoa OK With Candida?

I’ve got another question here today. Is organic cocoa powder okay to have if you’ve got a yeast infection? Some people are confused. Cacao is actually the bean; whereas, cocoa is actually the powder from the cacao bean. Cocoa is similar to coffee and tea. It contains caffeine. It also Continue Reading

Cocoa Origin | CacaoCollective

Genetically cacao, the Theobroma type and the species of Theobroma cacao originate in the upper part, at the heads of the main tributaries of the Amazon, now known as Peru. In the thirties and forties, my parents brought and harvested these fruits from the area of Iquitos, Marañón, from the Continue Reading