What Beverage Contains The Most Caffeine?

Kris Simpson here from Bodies by Design. I have a confession to make. I’m a feen when it comes to caffeine. I have 3, 4 or 5 cups of coffee per day. So what is your favorite caffeinated beverage? Is it brewed coffee, espresso, black tea, maybe green tea, energy Continue Reading

Adrenal Fatigue, Caffeine and Adrenal Crashes

Coffee, tea and energy drinks are so prevelant in society today, its acceptable to fill your body with these – I would say not so natural – compounds. Although they are natural in the sense they do exist in nature, they are never designed to be in our body that Continue Reading

How does caffeine affect the brain?

Warning: this video was made under the influence of caffeine! So you get to work after a long commute and you’re feeling a bit tired, you reach for a coffee and within seconds you feel more awake – how is the coffee affecting your brain? Stay tuned to find out! Continue Reading

Better than cold brew: How to make iced filter coffee

The Buzz(kill) about Caffeine

This is likely the most popular drug in America. What is it? Caffeine is in a lot of stuff. But mostof it in our sodas and energy drinks is synthetic meaning it’s not from a natural source. How did this happen? And what else don’t we know about this drug? Continue Reading

Caffeinated Catastrophe

Yo yo guys, I’m going out for coffee Ooh, ooh! I could do for some coffee, god save the queen! YEAH SAVE THAT %!#^# Oi, don’t you call her highness a %!#^#! Oh you know what that is totally funny because I totally did! Like, just now Grrr… Taunt! Scout… Continue Reading

Espresso Club_46sec אספרסו קלאב – פשוט לשתות קפה

There is nothing like a new espresso machine Hey, stop talking to yourself, you’re being towed! Wait, but I left the car with the valet No bro! With the parking officer too bad… with Espresso Club you could have got a coffee machine, and get it delivered staright to your Continue Reading

Espresso Club_ Car_23sec אספרסו קלאב – פשוט לשתות קפה

drive did you know that with Espresso Club you get a coffee machine and even get it delivered straight to your home? No and do you know that you are sitting at the back seat but you don’t really have a private driver? Joining Espresso Club and paying only for Continue Reading