Sperm, skulls and scandal… the hidden history of coffee | BBC Ideas

Globally, over two billion cups of coffee are consumed every day. In Britain alone, we need around 95 million cups to keep us going from dawn ’til dusk. But 450 years ago, Western Europe had barely even heard of it. Coffee’s roots lie in Ethiopia, where the wild plant grew. Continue Reading

Does Coffee Actually Cause Insomnia? 5 Caffeine Facts Explored || GutBusted

– I like my video content just like I like my coffee, super, super hot. Hello nerds of the internet, my name is Wil Fulton and this is “GutBusted,” The “Daily Hit” show where we try our dang hardest to debunk the dumbest myths swirling around the world of food Continue Reading

Caffeine is More Like an Illegal Drug Than You Realized…

If you asked people what the world’s most popular drug is, what would the most common answer be? Many people will say marijuana, or cannabis if they’re pretentious potheads. There will be some people that get closer by saying tobacco or alcohol. Probably fewer than say weed, because when most Continue Reading

side effects of coffee

Coffee containing caffeine can cause insomnia, nervousness and restlessness, stomach upset, nausea and vomiting, increased heart and breathing rate, and other side effects. Side Effects of Too Much Caffeine 1. Anxiety Although low-to-moderate doses of caffeine can increase alertness, larger amounts may lead to anxiety or edginess. Monitor your own Continue Reading

health benefits of coffee

health benefits of coffee the health benefits of drinking coffee er can drastically improve physical performance you would actually have shocked that what are the benefits of coffee coffee can improve energy levels and make you smarter if you drink cut the pain two cups of coffee can cut post-workout Continue Reading

Word “Coffee” Came From Arabic Words ‘Qahhwat Al-Bun’ Meaning ‘Wine Of The Bean’ | Nutshell videos

Coffee is often served “with great ceremony”, and it is customary to drink two or three cups to indicate your approval of the coffee. Cup are refilled unless a gesture- shaking your cup- is made to indicate you’ve had enough. It is considered good manners for a guest to eating Continue Reading

The History of Coffee | Origin of Coffee | Documentary | EXPLORE MODE

Instant coffee. Single-origin. Decaf. Latte. Espresso. Americano. Coffee is the second most popular beverage in the world second only to water. In the U.S. alone, more than 450 million cups of coffee are consumed per day but the top spot for coffee lovers in the world goes to Finland, where Continue Reading